Creative Ideas for Personalising Your College Living Space

I am not a fan of decorating too much. There are reasons to decorate. But I am not into them. When I came to study here, I realised that all I need is where I can find a little peace of mind and the space to be myself.

However, things these days are a little too different. You need to understand where you are and what you are doing in order to find yourself in the right spot. You see, sometimes, you might just need to put things in an exemplary fashion. This is the reason a little set-up of your college living space is good. In that logic, a little decoration of the space is better. I think it makes you a more organised person.

I do not know much about college living space decoration, though. Many also like to call it or instead ‘tag it’ as a dorm room decoration. I have a few tips to share with you all. They are here in this article.

Oh yes, I would also like to share something with you. Dorm room decorations can be a little expensive in a few cases. That’s okay. However, you might need to find assistance because most students are not professionals yet.

I suffered a bad credit score at the time I took out the money. I have targeted getting the money to buy furniture with the help of a loan. I found unsecured direct lender loans for bad credit. These professional institutions often design these sorts of loans. I had a part-time income from my online writing. Therefore, I got the money using the income information and made timely repayments to give them back the cash.

You can say borrowing money is not a very good solution to getting money. However, I believe sometimes it is a very good solution. Besides, it has made me financially updated and qualified. I can give you that.

With all that being said, I really do not want to delay the topic and make you wait. Here are a few dorm room or college living space decoration ideas you can use:

  • Keep things As Simple As You Can

You do not want to make things get complicated. Yes, a few decorative aspects here and there may come in use. At the same time, you must know that you do not earn much and that you will need to pay for it along with your roommate (if any).

Use plain room dividers and curtains, which get the job done. Do not buy very expensive items. Think about which area decoration or renovation (or maybe repair) will come in handy and send money to those areas.

  • Create a Loft Bed and a Nook together

Sounds futuristic, all right! But it is a more helpful thing than what you have imagined. You can simply use a good nook with your loft bed. It saves space and gives you your own very personal space.

Instead of buying expensive furniture, just talk to a professional carpenter to make you and your roommate study nooks with lofted beds. You can also use futons in your design. Keep the lofted bed above and right below it, in the same joint you make your study nook. Add a foldable chair.

  • A Welcome Mat Is a Plain but a Good Idea

As they say, making the doormat is something that you need to consider when you want your room to be simple yet look good. Besides, a welcome mat can produce positive effects on your landlord and neighbours, knowing you like to keep things clean and organised.

You can add your favourite design to the mat. Many of my friends used their personal favourite quotes on their welcome mat.

  • Add a Trunk to the End of the Bed

If your room already has those traditional beds, adding a trunk at the end of it surprisingly makes an easily reachable storage place. You can use it for keeping your paperwork or memories.

Trunks of these kinds are often ignored. I think they can also work as an extension of the storage area. When storage at the cabinets falls short, you can use the trunk to store excess items.

  • Make Sitting More Relaxing

You really do not have to put yourself into an uncomfortable sitting position for a long time. I made a wooden chair for my study nook. However, I had a word with the carpenter already to add a cushion to the chair.

You can do the same. Usually, wooden chairs are quite difficult to sit on for a more extended period of time unless they are dining chairs. You can add more cushioning not on the seat but on the back area to prevent chronic back pain you hate when you get up. You may also buy a set of bin bags if the dorm room space is quite large.

  • Make a Small Kitchen

You may want to make a small kitchen. Quite frankly, I have seen foodies and people concerned with the cleanliness of food do this. That’s okay, and that’s good.

Make a portable storage cabinet first. You can use the top of the cabinet to place and station your cookware. You might need to buy:

  • A portable induction cooktop
  • A microwave
  • A portable coffee maker

As you already know, these products can get you spending money. Again, you might suffer from a bad credit score. In that regard, you can take out one of the short-term loans for bad credit. Using your income, getting approved for these loans is easy within minutes. Just make sure you borrow the amount that you can repay.

  • Decorate Using Window Curtains

You can definitely spice your game up with the window curtains. However, most people think window curtains will add more to the decoration of the room with no functional inputs. That is not always correct, though.

You see, good and thick curtains allow some form of protection in winter times. On the other hand, plainer and thinner curtains allow more air to pass through and aim at keeping the room cool. If needed, you can put your design on your window curtain, almost similar to the floor mat we discussed, to make your room look and feel more attractive.

You see, decoration can be done even with the smallest things included. All you need to do is to keep your eyes open for beauty. If you search for it, you will indeed find it even in day-to-day things.

To Conclude

Hope this article was of some assistance to you. I hesitated writing it because I am not an expert on decoration. However, I feel these ideas are going to help you in a few ways. That’s enough for me.