Why Buy a Mini Pocket Printer: 8 Amazing Features

Imagine printing high-quality images, documents, and other files on the go using a pocket device! It is possible, all thanks to the mini pocket printers. These devices are small in size and compact to carry wherever you go, being highly convenient for both personal and professional use! While mini pocket printers are trending now, there are many more reasons other than following the trend to own this useful device!

Exciting Features of Mini Pocket Printers

Here are the best features you can enjoy with a min printer in your pocket!

  1. Simple Wireless Prints

Mini pocket printers are designed with Bluetooth technology. It connects devices remotely, eliminating any need for cables. You can connect the mini printer to your devices by turning on the Bluetooth on both. Start by downloading the printer’s app on your device. Then, connect the Bluetooth, select the file and set it for print. 

  1. Instant Prints

Pocket printers might be small in size, but it does not interfere with their functionality at all. Rather, pocket printers are popular for providing instant prints. You can print images or documents within 15 seconds. When you are in a hurry, the pocket printers will help you save time in two ways: first, you can start the print at any time from anywhere, and second, the print will be ready in a matter of seconds. 

  1. High Resolution

The quality of the prints matter! You can wait a few extra minutes for the print, but you can’t compromise on the resolution. Pocket printers will ensure high quality regardless of how fast they work. A top-quality printer can offer a resolution of up to 318 dpi, 80 μm dot pitch. This high resolution will give clear, sharp, and high-quality prints, whether you are printing images, documents, or any other files. 

  1. Multiple Image Formats

Single-image format adaptability is a no-pick when your images can be in multiple formats. Luckily, the days to worry about converting images from one format to another are over! Print different formats, like JPEG, PNG, DNG, and HEIF, using the mini printer in your pocket. 

  1. Creative Possibilities

Mini pocket printers have opened the doors to a wide range of creative possibilities! You can get your image or document printed as it is or make some fun additions to it. Many pocket printers come featured with options to draw and doodle. After uploading your file, you can make different doodles and collages. Keep the colours in natural mode or change their shades as you like. Not just printing, capture and pretty up images on the printer, and share them on your social media to flaunt your creativity. 

  1. Portability

Portability plays a crucial role in the popularity pocket printers enjoy! They are lightweight and small. So, you can easily carry the printer in your pocket or any bag or luggage compartment. This feature makes the whole process of printing on the go possible. You can get prints while being in a meeting or travelling to work. It also makes the printers a great device to carry when going on trips. 

  1. Easy Charging

Most pocket printers come with a micro USB cable for charging. Put your printer on charge as you do for your phone or any other device, and enjoy using it whenever you need. The fast printing facility of pocket printers is accompanied by fast charging, too! Within 80 to 120 minutes, your printer will be charged to go. All printers may not have the same charging time, but the process will be hassle-free. 

  1. Access-Friendly

The image you need to print can be on your mobile, tablet, or laptop. Wherever it is, you can print it quickly with pocket printers. These printers can be connected to all said devices. Also, printers designed for specific devices like smartphones and cameras are available. If your files are mostly in a smartphone, pick a mini smartphone printer and enjoy printing different files at your own convenience. 

Wrapping Up!

The very first pocket printer was invented in 1986. Since then, many different types of pocket printers have been introduced to the market. Take a mini camera printer, for example. It lets you click pictures and get instant printouts, while a basic printer only prints existing images or documents. Safe to say, printing has been made easier and more convenient than ever with mini-pocket printers!