Top 5 Moving Companies in New South Wales

The Top 5 Moving Companies in New South Wales

Moving house can be an exciting but stressful time. With so much to think about and organize, the last thing you want is to worry about whether your belongings will arrive safely at your new home. That’s why choosing a professional and reliable moving company is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during your move.

New South Wales has fantastic moving companies that can make your interstate relocation smooth and hassle-free. But with so many options to choose from, narrowing it down to the best movers can be tricky. That’s where this guide comes in!

Below we reveal the top 5 moving companies in NSW, outlining what makes them stand out. We’ll cover their service offerings, credentials, and genuine customer reviews so you can decide when hiring movers.

1. Kent Removals

With over 65 years of moving experience, Kent Removals is one of NSW’s most trusted and recommended moving companies. They offer a complete door-to-door service for residential and commercial moves, including packing, transportation, and unpacking.

All of Kent Removals’ staff are fully trained and background checked for your peace of mind. Their fleet of well-maintained trucks ensures your belongings will be transported safely and on time.

Kent Removals is accredited with the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) and hold transit insurance of up to $150k per move. Past customers have raved about their professionalism, efficiency, and care when handling precious items.

2. Chess Moving

Chess Moving has built an excellent reputation for top-notch customer service and reliability. Their comprehensive offering caters to all moving needs, from small house moves to large corporate relocations across Australia.

Their experienced team will safely pack and unwrap your items carefully, including specialist packing for delicate items like glassware and electronics. Chess Moving provides all packing materials, too, so you don’t have to worry about sourcing boxes and tape.

All Chess Moving staff are fully trained in safe lifting techniques to avoid injury. AFRA and the Moving Institute of Australia accredit the company. Customers compliment their punctuality, friendliness, and hard work ethic.

3. Grace Removals

Grace Removals is a family-owned moving company that has serviced NSW for over 15 years. They provide an end-to-end moving package, including packing, transportation, short- and long-term storage options, and cleaning after move-out.

One of Grace Removals’ best assets is its highly knowledgeable and customer-focused team. Reviews often describe the movers as polite, patient, and willing to go the extra mile. After the move, the company also contacts customers for feedback, reflecting their commitment to continuous improvement.

As a trusted AFRA agent, Grace Removals adheres to a professional Code of Conduct. They have achieved a reputation for reliability among residents relocating locally or interstate.

4. Two Men and a Truck

With one of NSW’s largest moving truck fleets, Two Men and a Truck can handle moves of all sizes. From 1-bedroom apartments to 10-bedroom mansions, their scalable service provides the right movers and trucks for your situation.

End-to-end packing and unpacking services are provided so that you can leave the hard work and heavy lifting to the professionals. This famous moving company excels at interstate relocations thanks to its extensive presence across Australia.

Two Men and a Truck is an approved agent for leading insurers like Optus and HBF. Their staff undergoes thorough training for safe moving processes. The company also offers short- and long-term storage options if needed.

5. Moveage Group

Moveage Group is one of Australia’s largest and most trusted moving companies. They provide tailored moving packages for residential, commercial, government, and military relocations.

All Moveage Group movers complete comprehensive training in moving best practices, ensuring they know how to pack and handle your possessions carefully. The company uses tracking and inventory management technology so your items are accounted for throughout the move.

As an AFRA-approved moving company, Moveage Group adheres to stringent quality and conduct standards. Their services are frequently reviewed as efficient, professional, and friendly.

How to Choose the Right NSW Moving Company for You

Now that you know the top moving companies in New South Wales, how do you pick the right one for your upcoming relocation? Here are six tips for choosing a removalist service that meets your needs:

  • Get quotes from several companies – This allows you to compare costs and services. Be sure quotes are based on an in-home survey.
  • Check credentials & insurance – Opt for AFRA-approved companies that hold transit insurance over $100k. This guarantees professional conduct and coverage if items are damaged.
  • Read reviews – Look for movers with consistently positive feedback for being careful, responsive, and personable. Avoid companies with a lot of complaints.
  • Ask about their fleet – Older trucks may break down more, so check they use well-maintained vehicles. Prefer companies with their fleet over subcontractors.
  • Compare packing supplies – Some movers provide boxes and packing paper. Others charge extra. Consider what makes the most financial sense for your move.
  • Consider add-ons – Additional services like storage facilities, professional packing/unpacking, and cleaning services can simplify your move.

5 Key Things to Keep in Mind When Moving House in NSW

Moving home can be exciting but also pretty stressful. Here are 5 top tips to ensure your relocation in New South Wales goes as smoothly as possible:

1. Plan Everything Well in Advance

Leaving packing and organizing to the last minute is a surefire way to turn your move into a nightmare. Start decluttering and packing non-essentials at least one month prior. Confirm your moving company, truck size, and any add-ons like storage several weeks early.

2. Obtain Moving Insurance

Accidents can happen even with the best removalists. Protect your valuables by getting comprehensive moving insurance to cover damage or loss. Most companies offer insurance but check policy inclusions as some exclude everyday items like jewelry.

3. Pack Strategically

Pack room-by-room, starting with the spaces you use least, like the garage and attic. Label boxes clearly with room names and contents. Color code boxes by room too. Pack items tightly to minimize movement inside boxes. Wrap delicate items separately.

4. Create a Moving Day Schedule

Being organized on a moving day will keep things running smoothly. Create a detailed schedule outlining what needs to happen and when. Make sure truck loading and unloading times work for both locations.

5. Stay Physically Fueled

Moving home involves a lot of physical work and stamina. Ensure you and your movers stay properly fueled by having plenty of hydrating drinks and nourishing snacks throughout the day. Take breaks as needed too.

Answers to 5 FAQs About Moving in NSW

How much notice do I need to give when booking movers?

Ideally, book your chosen removal company 6-8 weeks in advance. Many firms, especially during peak periods, get booked up quickly. Leaving it to the last minute limits availability.

What’s the best way to move interstate?

Hire a reputable interstate removalist rather than trying to transport items yourself. Choosing a company with an extensive national presence means they can smoothly handle moves between any Australian state.

Which day of the week is best for moving?

Mid-week moves typically mean fewer road traffic and more availability from removalists. Avoid booking public holidays, the first and last days of the month, when demand increases.

How can I save money on my move?

Get quotes from several companies and be flexible with dates. Pack non-fragile items yourself and consider renting a trailer for small moves rather than hiring a truck. Choose a weekday move rather than the weekend.

Is it better to move in summer or winter?

Each season has pros and cons. Summer’s long daylight hours are good for multi-day moves. But heat can be brutal when packing and loading. Winter has cooler temperatures but short daylight hours. Plan your move based on your climate preferences.

In Summary

Moving house in New South Wales doesn’t have to be stressful when you choose one of the top professional moving companies in the state. Companies like Kent Removals, Chess Moving, Grace Removals, Two Men and a Truck, and Moveage Group have positive reputations for providing efficient and careful removal services.

Do your research to pick a licensed and insured mover that best fits your relocation needs and budget. With careful pre-planning and packing, plus support from reliable movers, you can easily stay in control on moving day and settle into your new NSW home.