Top 5 Most Popular Types of Sunglasses for Travel

Top 5 Most Popular Types of Sunglasses for Travel

Sunglasses are an essential accessory when traveling. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but they can also be a fashion statement. When packing for your next trip, bring a pair or two of these popular sunglass styles.

1. Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer Sunglasses

The Wayfarer style is a classic choice that has been popular since the 1950s. Wayfarers have a thick, rectangular frame with arms wider at the hinge and narrower at the temple. Initially designed by Ray-Ban, these sunglasses ooze retro cool.

Wayfarers flatter most face shapes. The bold frames add structure and accentuate your cheekbones. While available in a rainbow of colors, opt for a tortoiseshell or black pair for versatility. They’ll complement both casual outfits and dressier looks.

Why Wayfarers Are Great for Travel

  • Their vintage vibe gives any outfit a fashionable edge.
  • The plastic frames are durable and can withstand being tossed in your bag.
  • Gradient lens options provide optimized sun protection.

2. Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses

With their signature upturned corners, cat eye sunglasses are eternally chic. These feminine, retro shades frame your eyes in a flattering almond shape.

Cat eye styles suit round, square, oval, and diamond face shapes. Look for glasses with solid angles and accents at the hinges for a bold silhouette. While black and tortoiseshell frames are classic, cat eyes also pop in bright colors and patterns.

What Makes Cat Eyes Ideal for Vacation

  • Their glamorous style dresses up casual ensembles.
  • Oversized cat eyes provide ample coverage from the sun.
  • Gradient lenses reduce glare and eye strain in sunny destinations.

3. Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses have an unmistakable teardrop lens shape with double or triple bridge detail. Developed for pilots in the 1930s, the aviator style remains a wardrobe staple.

The sloped design complements all face shapes, while the metal wire frames add structure and definition. Traditional gold, silver, and gunmetal pairs work for both men and women. Mirrored lenses modernize the classic aviation look.

Why Aviators Are Perfect for Travel

  • Their sturdy metal frames can withstand being frequently packed.
  • Teardrop lenses optimize peripheral vision, which is excellent for sightseeing.
  • Gradient options provide complete UV ray protection.

4. Round Sunglasses

Round Sunglasses

With their circular lenses and thin wire frames, round sunglasses exude retro vibes. John Lennon made this mod style iconic in the 1960s. Rounded edges create a soft, doe-eyed effect that flatters oval and heart-shaped faces.

Look for a pair with colored or mirrored lenses to make them pop. Wireframes in gold, rose gold, or silver keep them looking refined. Go bold with a brightly colored pair that makes a statement.

What Makes Round Sunglasses Ideal for Trips

  • Their dainty wireframes easily slip into any bag or purse.
  • The large round lenses provide excellent sun coverage.
  • Their whimsical charm pairs perfectly with vacation looks.

5. Square Sunglasses

Square Sunglasses

If you want an edgy, contemporary look, go for square sunglasses. As the name implies, these shades have straight, angular frames and arms. Pair honest specs with round or oval faces to create contrast.

Thick acetate frames come in every color imaginable to match your style. For an avant-garde vibe, choose two-toned color blocks. Mirrored lenses give square sunglasses added modern appeal.

Why Square Sunglasses Are Great for Traveling

  • Their bold style makes you stand out in crowds.
  • The full frames protect from harsh sun at all angles.
  • Durable plastic handles frequent packing and movement.

How to Choose the Best Frames for Your Face Shape

With so many stylish sunglasses, which frames best suit your face? Follow these tips when shopping for your next pair of vacation shades:

  • Oval faces – Any frame looks great! Feel free to experiment.
  • Round faces – Angular frames that add definition. Try cat eyes or squares.
  • Heart-shaped faces – Bottom-heavy frames that add balance. Go for wayfarers or aviators.
  • Square faces – Rounded styles soften hard edges. Try round or oval frames.

Don’t Forget Proper Eye Protection

While style is critical, don’t sacrifice proper eye protection. Be sure to choose lenses that block 100% of UVA/UVB rays. Polarized lenses also reduce sun glare when outdoors.

When trying on sunglasses, ensure they fit close to your face and adequately shield your eyes. Oversized frames may look trendy but allow in the sun from the sides.

Stay Stylish and Protected

Pack a pair or two of these fashionable and functional sunglasses regardless of your destination. They’ll keep your eyes healthy and shaded in style. With the right shades, you’ll look picture-perfect, posing at iconic landmarks. Remember to smile!

FAQs About Travel Sunglasses

Still, have questions about choosing the best sunglasses for your next trip? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: Are expensive designer sunglasses better than cheap ones?

A: Not necessarily. Many affordable brands make quality sunglasses with UV protection. Focus on durability and fit rather than label.

Q: Do sunglasses expire?

A: Yes. Lenses lose their UV blockage over time. Replace scratched or old sunglasses to ensure eye safety.

Q: Can children wear adult sunglasses?

A: No. Kids’ eyes require specialized sunglasses fitted for their smaller faces. Don’t let children wear ill-fitting adult shades.

Q: Should I bring backup sunglasses when traveling?

A: Absolutely! Having an extra pair prevents lost sunglasses from ruining your trip. Bring extras with different tints for variable conditions.

Q: Do sunglasses work on cloudy or rainy days?

A: Yes, glasses still block UV rays on overcast and rainy days. Wear them year-round for complete sun protection.

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