Top 5 Holiday Destinations in Germany

Holiday Destinations in Germany

Germany is a country full of diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. Germany has something to offer every type of traveler, from fairytale castles and medieval towns to cosmopolitan cities and natural wonders. If you’re looking for an exciting holiday destination, consider these top picks for places to visit in Germany.

1. Berlin


Every trip to Germany is complete with visiting the capital city of Berlin. This metropolis has a fascinating history, evident in sites like the Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gate. Beyond the historical landmarks, Berlin also boasts world-class museums like the Pergamon and Neues, lively nightlife, trendy shops, and a diverse food scene.

Some top attractions in Berlin include:

  • Brandenburg Gate: One of Berlin’s most iconic landmarks, built in the 18th century.
  • Reichstag Building: Home of the German parliament, featuring a glass dome with city views.
  • Berlin Wall Memorial: Honors victims of the city’s division during the Cold War.
  • Museum Island: A UNESCO site with five museums showcasing art, antiquities, and more.
  • East Side Gallery: This remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall features colorful murals by artists.

2. Romantic Road

Romantic Road

Stretching 220 miles across south central Germany, the Romantic Road is a popular holiday route that passes through charming towns and lovely landscapes. Some quaintest villages along the Romantic Road include Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Dinkelsbühl, and Nördlingen. Visitors can browse medieval architecture, sample local wines, and revel in the fairy tale scenery.

Key stops along the Romantic Road include:

  • Würzburg – A wine town with lavish Baroque architecture like the Residenz palace.
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber – An exquisitely preserved medieval gem with cobbled lanes and towers.
  • Schloss Neuschwanstein – The famous 19th-century castle built by King Ludwig II.
  • Nördlingen – A perfectly intact walled town circled by a medieval stone wall.
  • Dinkelsbühl – Charming streets lined with colorful half-timbered houses.

3. Black Forest

Black Forest Holiday Destinations in Germany

The Black Forest is a magical region in southwest Germany with verdant hills, lush forests, and quaint villages. This idyllic landscape boasts opportunities for hiking, cycling, skiing in the winter, and sampling Black Forest cake! Some of the most scenic towns include Baden-Baden, Triberg, and Freiburg.

Top sights in the Black Forest region include:

  • Triberg Waterfalls – Germany’s tallest cascades are plunging into the forest.
  • Lake Titisee – A crystal clear alpine lake ideal for swimming and watersports.
  • Black Forest Open Air Museum – An assemblage of farmhouses and mills replicating traditional life.
  • Baden-Baden Thermal Spas – Relax in the rejuvenating mineral waters.
  • Freiburg Münster – The 13th-century Gothic cathedral is towering over the university town.

4. Saxon Switzerland National Park

Saxon Switzerland National Park

Head to the Saxon Switzerland National Park near Dresden for striking natural scenery. This protected area contains soaring sandstone cliffs, mystical rock formations, deep gorges, and lush forests. Outdoor enthusiasts can go rock climbing, hiking through the Bastei cliffs, or boating on the Elbe River.

Top sights in Saxon Switzerland National Park include:

  • Bastei Bridge: Iconic sandstone bridge towering 194 meters over a gorge.
  • Wehlgrund: A scenic hiking valley with rock walls and pinnacles.
  • Schrammsteine: One of the park’s most astonishing rock formations, towering hundreds of feet.
  • Konigstein Fortress: A 13th-century castle perched atop a sandstone cliff.
  • Elbe Sandstone Mountains: Over 300 soaring sandstone spires, cliffs, and mesas.

5. Munich


As the capital of Bavaria, Munich seamlessly blends historic and modern vibes. Visit in spring for the epic Oktoberfest party or any time of year for cultural sights. Munich’s museums showcase everything from technology to masterpiece paintings. And be sure to try authentic Bavarian cuisine like schnitzel, spaetzle, and weisswurst.

Must-see attractions in Munich:

  • Marienplatz – Munich’s city center with the glockenspiel astronomical clock.
  • English Garden: A sprawling urban park perfect for walking or biking.
  • BMW Museum: Display of BMW cars and motorcycles throughout history.
  • Deutsches Museum: World-renowned science and technology museum.
  • Oktoberfest Grounds: Home of the legendary Oktoberfest beer festival.
  • Neuschwanstein Castle: Iconic 19th-century Romanesque castle near Munich.


With its spectacular scenery, medieval towns, high-tech modern cities, and world-class beer and food, Germany has something for every traveler’s interest. Nature lovers will find hiking and natural wonders in places like Saxon Switzerland National Park and the Black Forest region. History buffs can explore top sites in Berlin, along the Romantic Road, and in elegant Munich. And culture lovers will appreciate the museums, architecture, festivals, and culinary delights. No matter what you’re looking for in a holiday destination, Germany offers it.

FAQs about Holiday Destinations in Germany

What is the best time of year to visit Germany?

Germany can be visited year-round, but the peak travel seasons are spring and summer when the weather is mild. September and October are also famous for autumn colors and Oktoberfest.

What documents do I need to travel to Germany?

Tourists to Germany should have a valid passport that’s valid for at least 3 months beyond the length of their stay. Visas are required for some non-EU nationals.

How do I get around Germany?

Germany has an excellent public transportation system with trains, buses, trams, and ferries. The train network is very efficient for getting around cities and between destinations.

Where is the Black Forest?

The Black Forest region is located in the southwest corner of Germany along the borders with France and Switzerland. Major cities near the Black Forest include Freiburg, Baden-Baden, and Offenburg.

What are some quintessential German foods I should try?

Classic German foods include bratwurst, schnitzel, spaetzle egg noodles, sauerkraut, soft pretzels, and Black Forest cake. And, of course, sample some excellent German beers!

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