Top 5 Free Online Cartoon Websites to Watch

Free Online Cartoon Websites to Watch

Cartoons hold a special place in many of our hearts. They bring back fond memories of Saturday mornings spent in front of the TV with a big bowl of cereal. Unfortunately, watching classic cartoons can be difficult these days. But thankfully, with the internet, there are now several great websites where you can stream cartoons for free.

If you want to revisit your childhood favorites or introduce your kids to iconic cartoons you grew up with, read the top 5 websites to watch cartoons online for free.

1. YouTube

YouTube is the most obvious place to watch cartoons online for free. Any classic cartoon you can think of can be found here in full episodes or clips. YouTube has an impressive library, from Looney Tunes to Scooby-Doo to classic Disney cartoons.

The only downside is you may have to sit through some ads. But watching endless episodes of Tom and Jerry makes it worth it. Plus, YouTube is completely free and easy to use. Just search for the cartoon you want to watch and enjoy!

2. RetroVision

RetroVision is a website dedicated specifically to nostalgic media. This includes hundreds of classic cartoons from the 30s through the 90s. The site has everything from Popeye to He-Man and more. You can browse by decade or use the search bar to find a specific cartoon.

The site has a retro, pixelated look that will bring you back. And watching full episodes is free and doesn’t require creating an account. RetroVision is also ad-free, which is a significant perk.

3. Vudu

You may know Vudu for its collection of movies to rent or buy digitally. But the site also allows you to watch a limited selection of cartoons for free. This includes classic Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Popeye, Superman, and more.

The free content is ad-supported. But you can instantly watch full, high-quality episodes without subscriptions or logins. Vudu only offers about 30 free cartoons, but they are some of the most iconic.

4. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is the most extensive free streaming site for full episodes of cartoons. They have hundreds of titles spanning from older classics to more modern comics. You’ll find stuff like Scooby-Doo, Garfield, Pokémon, Rugrats, and more.

You can stream instantly without even needing an account. But you will have to sit through some commercials. For the vast selection of iconic cartoons, ads are a small price. And new content is added frequently.

5. Internet Archive

For a truly vast collection of classic cartoons, check out the Internet Archive. This non-profit website aims to provide universal free access to information. Their media library includes thousands of old cartoons to watch online for free.

You’ll find many very early black-and-white cartoons and later classics. Felix the Cat, Betty Boop, Superman, Popeye, and more can all be found here. The video quality could be better since many are digitized from original prints. But it’s fantastic they are preserved here, free to watch.


Reliving your favorite childhood Saturday morning cartoons is easier now than ever before, thanks to these tremendous free websites. Whether you grew up on Scooby-Doo and Bugs Bunny or want to introduce your kids, this list has a site with those classics to watch online without spending a dime.

Now you can enjoy hours of animated entertainment instantly. So grab your popcorn and prepare for a nostalgia trip back to your younger years.

FAQs About Watching Cartoons Online

1. What are some excellent free and legal websites for watching cartoons?

Some of the best free and legal sites for watching cartoons online include YouTube, RetroVision, Vudu, Tubi TV, and the Internet Archive. These offer 100% free streaming of classic and modern cartoons without piracy.

2. Where can I find old classic cartoons to watch online?

RetroVision and the Internet Archive have extensive libraries of ancient classic cartoons, all available to watch instantly for free. We’re talking black and white Felix the Cat, Betty Boop, Popeye, and more.

3. What are the best websites for cartoons for my kids?

Great free websites for kids’ cartoons include YouTube, Tubi TV, and Vudu. These all offer an excellent selection of comics suitable and entertaining for young audiences. You’ll find classics like Looney Tunes and Scooby-Doo and newer titles.

4. Do I need to create an account to watch free cartoons online?

Most free cartoon streaming sites do not require creating an account to start watching. The exceptions are YouTube, which requires a free Google account to access, and Tubi TV, which has free account registration. But this registration is quick, easy, and worth it for the selection.

5. What devices can I use to watch free online cartoons?

You can watch free cartoons from these streaming sites on any desktop computer or laptop via the web browser. Most also have apps available to watch on mobile devices, smart TVs, streaming boxes, and more to enjoy big-screen cartoons.

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