The ParkMobile App: Revolutionizing Parking

parkmobile app

The ParkMobile app has become an essential tool for drivers in cities across North America. This innovative app allows users to pay for parking right from their smartphones, completely eliminating the need for coins, cash, or parking stubs. For many urban dwellers, ParkMobile has simplified and improved the parking experience.

What is ParkMobile?

ParkMobile is a free app that allows drivers to pay for street parking from their phones. The app was launched in 2009 and is now available in over 500 cities across North America.

How ParkMobile Works

After downloading the ParkMobile app, users register an account and add a credit card or PayPal. To start a parking session, simply open the app and select the zone number posted on nearby signs. The app automatically detects your location so you don’t need to search for zone numbers.

Next, specify how long you want to park. You can extend your time right from the app anytime. When your parking session is done, just tap to stop it within the app. You’ll receive alerts when your time is about to expire so you can add more time if needed.

The Benefits of Using ParkMobile

ParkMobile offers several advantages over traditional parking meters and pay stations:

No More Coins Needed

With ParkMobile, you don’t need to dig around for quarters every time you park. Payments are made seamlessly within the app. ParkMobile even alerts you when your account balance is running low.

Contactless Payments

There’s no need to touch dirty parking meters or pay station screens. Payments are made completely from your phone for a contactless experience. This has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Time Savings

Searching for parking meters and wait times at pay stations can be a hassle. With ParkMobile, starting and stopping your parking session takes just seconds right from your phone.


You can start, stop, and extend your parking session anytime with ParkMobile. No more guessing if you’ll need that extra 30 minutes or scrambling to add time to avoid getting a ticket. The flexibility adds convenience.

Alerts and Reminders

The app provides alerts when your parking session is about to expire. It will even remind you where you parked! This helps avoid parking tickets. You can also set text message alerts.

Receipts and Tracking

ParkMobile logs all your parking history in the app. You can access receipts and payment records anytime. The activity tracking helps with expense reporting for business parking.

Where ParkMobile is Available

As of 2023, the ParkMobile app can be used to pay for parking in over 500 cities across the United States and Canada. Top cities include:

New York City

ParkMobile is authorized for on-street parking in all 5 boroughs of NYC including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. Over 85% of NYC’s 6 million parking spaces are now managed by ParkMobile.

Washington DC

The app covers DC parking zones throughout the city including popular areas like Downtown, Dupont Circle, and Georgetown.


Most of Miami’s public parking spaces can now be paid for using ParkMobile. Key neighborhoods covered include Downtown Miami, Wynwood, Design District, and South Beach.

Los Angeles

ParkMobile spans areas like Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Downtown LA, Venice, and Hollywood. It’s authorized for Los Angeles Department of Transportation parking.


In Chicago, ParkMobile handles parking for neighborhoods like The Loop, River North, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and Wicker Park. You can even pay for spaces at O’Hare Airport.

Tips for Using ParkMobile

Here are some top tips for getting the most out of the ParkMobile app:

Put Zone Numbers on Your Route

To save time, add the zone signs you regularly park in to your Favorites within the app. This allows fast one-tap payments.

Get Parking Extensions

Short on time? You can quickly use ParkMobile to add more time to your parking session right from your phone. Extensions can be done remotely.

Share With Friends

To allow friends or family to park using your account, add their license plate within the app’s settings. They can park on your dime without needing the app.

Refill Your Account

Don’t get caught without funds. Regularly add money to your ParkMobile account balance as needed to pay for parking.

Enable Alerts

To avoid parking tickets, turn on the alerts within ParkMobile. You’ll be notified when your parking time is running out.

The Future of ParkMobile

Since launching in 2009, ParkMobile has continually rolled out enhancements to improve the parking experience. Over 6 million drivers now use the app. Future innovations may include:

  • Partnerships with more cities to expand availability
  • Ability to reserve and pay for parking in advance
  • Connecting with vehicles and parking meters to provide automated payments
  • Integrations with maps/navigation apps and virtual assistants to find, pay for, and track parking

Parking Made Easy

As urban populations grow, parking challenges will continue mounting. Apps like ParkMobile reduce parking headaches through mobile technology. With ParkMobile, paying for and managing parking is now simple, convenient, and completely cashless. The days of scrambling for change and hunting for pay stations are over thanks to this game-changing app.


The ParkMobile app has transformed parking for cities and drivers across North America. By allowing users to conveniently pay, extend, and track parking sessions right from their smartphones, ParkMobile has brought parking into the 21st century. No more annoying coins, standing at pay stations, or parking anxiety. With over 6 million users and availability in 500+ cities, ParkMobile has become an essential tool for urban drivers. The cashless, contactless system saves time and hassle. As cities continue to evolve, innovations like ParkMobile will be key for improving infrastructure through technology. The future of parking has arrived with apps like ParkMobile leading the way.


  1. How much does ParkMobile cost to use?

ParkMobile is free to download and use. You only pay for the actual parking fees – there are no hidden costs or subscription fees with the app.

  1. Can I use ParkMobile anywhere?

ParkMobile can only be used at parking spots in cities where the app is authorized by local governments or private lots. Check their website to see the 500+ cities it covers.

  1. What types of payments does ParkMobile accept?

You can pay for parking through the app using credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. You can also fund your account using PayPal. Cash payments are not accepted.

  1. Is ParkMobile safe to use?

Yes, ParkMobile utilizes secure encryption and tokenization technology to protect user accounts and payment information. They do not store sensitive payment data.

  1. How does ParkMobile help avoid parking tickets?

The app sends alerts when your parking meter is about to expire. You can easily extend your time right from your phone to avoid a ticket. The alerts are customizable.