The High-Flying Stars of Slamball

The High-Flying Stars of Slamball

Slamball is an exciting, high-octane sport that combines basketball, football, and gymnastics. Players leap off trampolines to dunk on 10-foot-high hoops in a hard-hitting game full of aerial feats. The slamball court is an integral part of gameplay, with four trampolines in front of each ring for players to bounce off and gain height for slam dunks. This unique sport requires remarkable athleticism and daring from its players. Let’s take a closer look at who these slam-dunking stars are.

Origins of the Sport

Slamball was invented in the early 2000s by Mason Gordon, who wanted to create a sport that captured the intensity of football with the aerial abilities of basketball. The first exhibition games took place in 2002, quickly gaining interest for the sport’s energized blend of several sports. Soon slamball was picking up steam, airing on television stations like Spike TV. Played on a specialized court with wall-to-wall trampolines, slamball allowed players to reach exhilarating heights.

The Slamball Court

The 50′ x 30′ slamball court is outfitted with wall-to-wall trampolines except for the foul line and hoop areas. Four trampolines sit in front of each basketball hoop, spaced evenly across the width of the court. These “quads” allow players to use trampoline-assisted leaps to execute gravity-defying dunks. The court also includes wall bounce pads like those in squash or racquetball courts. Players can spring off these pads into breathtaking aerial moves. The unique court is critical to enabling slamball’s signature acrobatics.

Positions in Slamball


The handler is the slamball equivalent of a basketball point guard, responsible for bringing the ball up the court and coordinating plays. Good dribbling and passing skills are vital for handlers. They need to be able to find open teammates on the bouncy court.


The gunners are slamball’s version of shooting guards. Using the trampolines to gain height, gunners specialize in leaping up for slam dunks. Teams rely on gunners to rack up points off dramatic aerial displays.


Stoppers fill the power forward and center positions in slamball. They focus on defense, rebounding, and protecting the rim. With their size and strength, stoppers aim to prevent easy buckets by the opposing team. They battle to control the airspace in the paint.

Notable Slamball Stars

Slamball has showcased the talents of many remarkable athletes over the years. Here are some of the most famous slamball players:

Stan Fletcher

With his bald head, sleeve tattoos, and ferocious dunks, Stan “The Man” Fletcher became one of the original faces of slamball. His rim-rattling jams made him a fan favorite. Fletcher played for the Rumble, leading them to multiple championships.

Robbie Belsito

A high flyer from the Diablos squad, Robbie Belsito wowed crowds with his acrobatic layups and dunks. His flashy moves exemplify the creative artistry that slamball players possess. Belsito could leap from the trampolines, twist his body mid-air, and still finish at the rim.

LaShawn Shaw

As a skilled Slasher handler, LaShawn Shaw earned the nickname “The General” for his adept court vision and passing abilities. His intelligent, selfless play helped turn the Slashers into perennial contenders.

Santwon Santwon

With an imposing frame standing 6’5″, Santwon Santwon utilized power and aggression for the Mob. He overwhelmed defenders with rim-rocking dunks. Santwon enjoyed punishing the rim after big blocks on defense.

Jonathan Robaina

A virtuosic Venezuelan talent, Robaina brought Latin flair to the Rumble squad. He danced his way to creative layups and smooth hang times that demonstrated extraordinary body control. His innovative moves highlighted slamball’s creative possibilities.

Beau Ladet

Ladet carved out a name for himself on the Steal with solid, consistent play. A consummate team player, Ladet did all the little things like setting screens, boxing out, and diving for loose balls. His blue-collar play earned respect.

The Appeal of Slamball

Several key factors make slamball an exciting spectator sport:

  • Gravity-defying dunks – Players can reach exhilarating heights on dunks with trampoline bounces, 10-foot goals, and wall pads.
  • Hard-hitting physicality – Slamball combines full-contact maneuvers from football and hockey for added intensity.
  • Fast pace – The continuous motion and bouncing quickens the pace, keeping the energy high.
  • Creativity – Players devise inventive new tricks using the trampolines. Their artistry shines through.
  • Personality – Signature moves and distinctive traits let players’ characters and styles stand out.

Fans love the athletic brilliance and high-flying action of slamball. The sport has carved out a niche with its distinctive blend of various sports elements. From dunk specialists to crafty handlers, slamball players continue to amaze with their jaw-dropping skills.


With its roster of talented players and unique trampoline-based court, slamball offers an entertaining twist on basketball. The high-flyers of slamball are redefining what athletic feats humans can achieve. Combining vertical leaps of over 10 feet with mid-air artistry, slamball players have developed a new sport full of possibility. Their creativity and daring raise the bar for what’s possible in basketball and beyond. Slamball’s stars give fans a glimpse of the future of athletics.


1. What are the different positions in slamball?

The leading positions are:

  • Handlers (similar to basketball point guards).
  • Gunners (like shooting guards).
  • Stoppers (who fill power forward/center defensive roles).

2. How high can slamball players jump?

Elite slamball players can use trampolines to bounce up to 10 feet or more in the air before dunking. This allows for spectacular aerial feats.

3. How did slamball get started?

Slamball was invented around 2002 by Mason Gordon, who wanted to blend basketball and football using trampolines on a specialized court.

4. What are some signature moves in slamball?

Signature dunks like Robbie Belsito’s “Go-Go Gadget” layup and Santwon Santwon’s “Santwon Stomp” cram illustrate slamball players’ creativity and personalities.

5. Who are some all-time slamball greats?

Legends include high-flying dunkers like Stan “The Man” Fletcher, creative handlers like LaShawn “The General” Shaw, and powerful stoppers like Santwon Santwon.

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