The Best Student Loan Apps for Canadians

The Best Student Loan Apps for Canadians

Getting a post-secondary education in Canada can be expensive. With tuition, textbooks, housing, and other costs, the total can quickly add to tens of thousands per year. Fortunately, there are options to help students finance their education through government and private student loans. This article will explore the top student loan apps that can help Canadian students manage the financing of their post-secondary studies.

Overview of Student Loans in Canada

Government Student Loans

Most full-time post-secondary students in Canada access financial assistance through government student loans and grants. The specific programs available depend on the province or territory of residence. Most are integrated with the federal Canada Student Loans Program (CSLP). Loans are interest-free while enrolled in studies and for a six-month grace period after graduation.

Private Student Loans

Private student loans offered by banks and other lenders can supplement government aid. They generally have higher interest rates and require a co-signer. Personal loans allow students to finance the total cost of attendance when government assistance falls short.

Managing Repayment

Organized records and consistent payments are essential once loans enter the repayment phase. Student loan apps can assist with these tasks.

Top Student Loan Apps for Canadians


The National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) app allows students with federal and provincial loans to view loan details and manage repayment. Users can check the status of loans, review payment history, and update personal details and contact information. An integrated loan repayment estimator is also included.

Alberta Student Aid

Residents of Alberta can access their provincial student loan information through this app. It provides account balances, payment due dates, and online repayment options. Students receiving government and private loans can view details for all funding sources in one place.

OSAP Mobile Services

Offered by the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), this mobile app provides self-service access to Ontario student loan accounts. Key features include:

  • Checking application status.
  • Viewing and updating personal details.
  • Accessing tax forms.
  • Corresponding with OSAP staff.


Borrowell partners with Canadian credit bureaus to provide free credit scores, reports, and monitoring. Their app lets student borrowers keep tabs on how their loan repayment impacts credit health over time. Alerts notify users of meaningful changes.


While not specifically designed for student loans, Mint is a widely used budgeting and finance app. Students can add student loan accounts to track balances, payments, and other financial statements in one personal finance overview.


ScholarshipsCanada is an app created by Universities Canada to connect students with over $3.5 million in scholarship opportunities. Searching and applying for additional financial aid to offset student debt is made quick and easy.

Tips for Managing Student Loans

  • Consolidate multiple loans into one payment through the NSLSC
  • Set up pre-authorized debit for automated loan payments
  • Pay more than the minimum when possible to save on interest
  • Claim student loan interest tax credits annually
  • Update lenders if you transfer schools or change personal information
  • Contact lenders immediately if struggling to make payments

The Bottom Line

Financing a post-secondary education can be daunting, but student loan apps help Canadian students simplify the process. The most valuable apps provide convenient account access, repayment management tools, credit monitoring, and help to find additional student aid. Select options tailored to your specific provincial and federal loans. Download one or more of these apps to take control of your student debt.


Student loan apps are valuable tools for Canadian students accessing financial assistance for higher education. They provide account oversight in one place, easy payment options, credit monitoring, and opportunities for more funding. Utilizing the right app empowers students to manage student debt and attain educational goals. There are excellent mobile options for government and private loan borrowers throughout Canada. With the help of today’s innovative fintech apps, financing post-secondary goals is less stressful than ever.


What app is best for Alberta student loans?

The Alberta Student Aid app allows Albertans to access provincial student loan details easily.

Can I manage both government and private student loans in one app?

Some apps like NSLSC and the Alberta Student Aid app consolidate details for both loan types.

Is the OSAP app only for Ontario residents?

The OSAP Mobile Services app is explicitly designed for Ontario student borrowers.

What if I have student loans from multiple provinces?

The National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) app consolidates federal and provincial loan info across Canada.

Can I make student loan payments through an app?

Most major student loan apps allow you to set up automated monthly payments online.