The Adorable Trend of Puppy Yoga Is Taking Over

The Adorable Trend of Puppy Yoga Is Taking Over

Yoga has long been known for its immense health benefits – improving flexibility, building strength, and reducing stress levels. But recently, a new style of yoga has emerged that offers all that and more – cuteness overload. Puppy yoga, sometimes called “doga”, is taking the yoga world by storm.

What is Puppy Yoga?

Puppy yoga is exactly what it sounds like – doing yoga poses while puppies run around you and climb on you. The pups provide a fun distraction to traditional yoga classes, keeping the vibe lighthearted. Some poses are nearly impossible not to giggle at as a puppy inevitably ends up sitting on your back as you try downward dog.

Classes usually last about an hour. The first half of class focuses on basic yoga flows and poses like planks, warriors, and tree poses. Then, a litter of 8-12-week-old puppies is unleashed into the yoga studio for the second half of class. The pups roam freely, playing with toys and cuddling up with the yogis. Some yoga studios partner with local animal shelters to provide the puppies, giving them valuable socialization time and exposure for potential adoption.

The Benefits of Puppy Yoga

On the surface, puppy yoga may seem like just a gimmick. But regulars swear by the unique benefits it offers beyond traditional yoga. Specifically:

Stress Relief

It’s scientifically proven that petting animals releases the hormone oxytocin which reduces stress levels. Combine that with the calming effects of yoga, and puppy yoga becomes the ultimate stress reliever. The joy of holding adorable puppies makes it nearly impossible not to smile and relax.

Mood Booster

Being surrounded by puppies’ infectious energy and unconditional love lifts people’s moods instantly. Depression and anxiety fade away when you have fluffy puppy kisses and cuddles. Puppy yoga is perfect for boosting moods and spreading happiness.

Socialization for Pups

The puppies also benefit from the socialization time with new people and environments. This adjustment period makes adoption easier, giving the dogs valuable skills for adjusting to new homes with strangers. Puppy yoga helps set them up for success.

Core Workout

Trying to hold yoga poses with puppies climbing on you takes serious core strength. The extra “puppy weight” during planks and balances makes for an intensified ab workout. Laughing also engages core muscles – of which there are plenty during puppy yoga.

Puppy Yoga Poses

While puppies do add an element of chaos, it is still yoga class. Some popular poses with especially cute puppy variants are:

Downward Facing Dog

Pups love climbing onto people’s backs during this pose, turning it into the perfect “puppy plank”. Maintaining the inverted V shape gets extra challenging with puppy paws sliding around.

Tree Pose

Balancing on one leg is hard enough without a squirmy pup trying to climb up your standing leg. But holding a tree pose while a puppy playfully hangs off your ankle makes for an adorable adaptation.

Child’s Pose

The child’s pose offers puppies prime snuggle access to people’s laps, often resulting in an entire litter curled up beneath the yogi. Resistance bands may be needed to avoid getting pinned down completely.


The final resting pose is when puppy cuddles reach peak levels. Multiple sleepy, content puppies sprawled across each yogi’s chest make savasana the best part of puppy yoga.

Tips for Attending Puppy Yoga

If you want to experience puppy nirvana for yourself, here are some top tips for your first puppy yoga session:

  • Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that doesn’t restrict movement or coverage. Puppies may step on bare skin.
  • Bring treats and toys to use when interacting with the puppies. They love fetch and neck scratches.
  • Arrive early to play and bond with the puppies pre-class. It creates a deeper experience.
  • Be prepared to giggle and not take yourself too seriously. Puppy yoga is meant to be fun!
  • Don’t bring your pet to avoid territorial behavior issues. Focus on the provided puppies.
  • Consider adopting! Bonding with specific puppies may pull your heartstrings.

The Verdict: Should You Try Puppy Yoga?

For most dog lovers and yoga fans, the question isn’t “Should you try puppy yoga” but rather “Why haven’t you tried puppy yoga yet?” This combination of cute puppies and gentle yoga is an utterly joyful experience.

Despite the name, puppy yoga offers so much more than just yoga. Classes provide stress relief, mood boosts, belly laughs, and endless puppy cuddles. The benefits for both the puppies and humans make it a winning bonding activity. There’s truly nothing else like having smiling puppies roaming freely while you flow through yoga poses.

Overall, puppy yoga is a delightful, lighthearted twist on traditional yoga classes. Anyone needing more happiness and cuteness in their lives absolutely must try this trend. Just beware – once you try it, you may never be able to go back to yoga without puppies again!

FAQs About Puppy Yoga

Here are some commonly asked questions about the adorable puppy yoga trend:

Where can I find puppy yoga classes?

Puppy yoga is popping up in yoga studios across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and London offer options. Google “puppy yoga + your city” to find availability near you.

How much does puppy yoga cost?

Prices typically range from $20-40 per person for an hour-long session depending on the studio location. Some places allow you to purchase a multi-class package for a discounted rate if you get hooked!

What happens if a puppy has an accident?

Accidents are entirely possible with puppies still potty training. Studios are prepared with enzymatic cleaners and paper towels just in case. Don’t let any minor mess deter you from attending.

Can I do puppy yoga if I’ve never done regular yoga?

Absolutely! No yoga experience is required for puppy yoga. The flexible, playful structure makes it welcoming to yogis of all levels. The puppies keep everything low pressure.

What if I can’t hold a pose because of the puppies?

That’s expected! The puppies make holding poses challenging. Do your best, then give in to the giggles and cuddles. Having fun with the pups takes priority over perfect posture.

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