Stylish Popcorn Print Swimsuits for Summer

Stylish Popcorn Print Swimsuits for Summer

Popcorn fashion has popped up recently in all aspects of style, from dresses to shoes and now swimwear. Popcorn swimsuits are the latest beach, resort, and pool craze this summer. These fun, textured suits are popping up everywhere you look.

What Are Popcorn Swimsuits?

Popcorn swimsuits feature ruffles, tiers, and other textured design elements that mimic popcorn’s fluffy, bumpy texture. This playful take on swimsuit fashion utilizes different fabrics and construction techniques to create a suit that looks covered in popped popcorn.

The popcorn effects usually concentrate on critical areas like the bust, hips, or rear end to create more volume and a fun, flirty look. However, some all-over popcorn styles cover the entire suit for a head-to-toe style.

Where Did The Popcorn Swimsuit Trend Originate?

Like many swimwear trends, the popcorn swimsuit look first appeared on high fashion runways and has now filtered down to more accessible price points.

In Spring/Summer 2019, designer Christopher Kane sent popcorn-textured swimsuits down the runway at London Fashion Week. The unique concept grabbed attention and has since spread to mainstream fashion.

Why Are Popcorn Swimsuits Trending?

  • Playful, youthful aesthetic – The popcorn motif has a lively, childlike feel that offers a fun departure from essential swimwear. The whimsical style appeals to younger consumers.
  • Flattering shapes – The ruffles, tiers, and puffed fabric of popcorn suits can flatter different body types by contouring curves. The textured accents add volume and coverage in strategic areas.
  • Retro vibes – The ruched, ruffled styling of popcorn swimwear harkens back to retro-inspired pinup or bombshell looks of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. The vintage undertones make the trend feel fresh.
  • Standing out – A popcorn swimsuit helps the wearer stand out on the beach or at a pool party. The unique texture makes it a real statement piece.

Popcorn Bikini Styles Taking Over Beaches

The popcorn swimsuit trend translates well to teeny bikinis for hot summer beach days. Some popular popcorn bikini styles include:

Ruffled Bikini Tops

Bikini tops with fluttering ruffled trim, tiered frills, or ruched cups mimic popcorn in flirty two-piece swim sets. The fluttering ruffles bounce around as you move for added popcorn effect.

High-Waisted Bottoms

High-leg bottoms with ruching, shirring, and tiered textures on the hips create a popped popcorn look. This style offers a bit more coverage while still showing skin.

Puffed Bust Bandeaus

Puffed bandeaus feature rounded cups with an almost 3D design that pops out from the chest like puffed popcorn. The buoyant shape adds volume and padding.

Textured Monokinis

Popcorn monokinis use all-over ruching, gathered details, and protruding textures to make the popcorn look like a one-piece for those seeking more coverage.

Runway-Inspired Popcorn Suit Styles

Haute couture designers have embraced the popcorn swimsuit motif. Some over-the-top popcorn styles straight off the runway include:

Tiered Ruffle Maillots

Designers like Betsey Johnson use tier after tier of ruffles on one-piece maillots to mimic the volume and texture of popping corn. Ruffles cascade down the suit for ultra-exaggerated popcorn texture.

Bubble Suit Shaping

Experimental shapes straight off the avant-garde runways utilize bubble shapes strategically placed on the bust, hips and rear to create a suit shape that looks like popcorn puffing out.

Sheer & Shredded Styles

Edgy sheer fabrics and shredded details add even more surface texture. Combining sheers, cutouts, shredding, and ruching creates a popcorn look with extra depth and dimensions.

Oversized Accents

Some futuristic styles use oversized shoulder accents, ruffled peplums, and bulbous hip accents, almost like popcorn bursting out of the suit’s seams. The accents create shapely volume.

How To Style Your Popcorn Swimsuit

Once you’ve picked out a fun popcorn-textured swimsuit, there are plenty of ways to complete the look:

  • Make it retro – Add retro-inspired cat-eye sunglasses, bandanas or scarves in your hair, and red lipstick for a retro pinup vibe.
  • Big beachy hair – Lots of tousled waves, volumized curls, or big braids complement the texture of a popcorn swimsuit.
  • Bold accessories – Make your swimsuit the focal point by keeping jewelry, bags, and other accessories bold and minimal.
  • High-waisted bottoms – Pair ruffled bandeau tops with high-waisted bottoms to show off the textured suit details.
  • Sheer cover-ups – Sheer, breezy cover-ups, and kimonos allow the texture of the swimsuit to show through.

Popcorn Suits For EveryBody

While popcorn swimsuits are having a significant moment, they’re not for everyone. The excellent news is that designers are creating popcorn suits tailored to different body types.

Hourglass Figures

Accentuate your curves with ruching and tiered ruffles on the bust and hips. A pinup style high-waisted bottom balances the proportions.

Rectangular/Straight Figures

Add texture and accents to create the illusion of curves if you have a straight up-and-down figure. Focus ruffles on the bust and hips.

Pear Figures

Opt for an embellished top and simple bottom to balance a pear shape. Drawing the eye up helps offset wider hips.

Petite Figures

A monokini covered in all-over gathering helps add volume without overwhelming a petite frame.

Plus Size Figures

A softly tiered one-piece creates a flattering shape and coverage. Look for secure design elements to support flatter curves.


With its origins on the runway, the playful popcorn swimsuit trend has popped up in a big way. The bubbly, textured design offers a fun alternative to essential swimwear for summer. Popcorn suits come in many styles, perfect for hitting the beach, pool parties, tropical vacations, and more. Their figure-flattering shapes and youthful, retro vibe make popcorn bikinis and maillots a must-try trend this season.

Popcorn Swimsuit FAQs

Q: What fabrics are used to make popcorn swimsuits?

A: Nylon, spandex blends, and ribbed fabrics hold gathers well. Seersucker, organza, mesh, and embroidered fabrics add textural interest.

Q: Are popcorn suits just a passing trend?

A: The popcorn swimsuit has been going strong for several seasons. The kitschy, nostalgic vibe has lasting appeal. It may evolve, but the textured concept stays here.

Q: How much do popcorn-style swimsuits cost?

A: Prices range from $50 – $300+ depending on the brand and embellishments. You can find affordable options from most swimsuit brands and retailers.

Q: How do you wash and care for a textured popcorn swimsuit?

A: Follow the care instructions but generally, hand washing and hang drying are best to avoid damaging the texture. Avoid excessive heat when drying.

Q: What swimwear trends are predicted to be big alongside popcorn suits?

A: Ruched, ring-linked, underwire, cutout, and sustainable swimsuits are all predicted to be huge, giving popcorn style some trendy competition!