Review Vodka Non-Alcoholic Drink Substitutes

Review Vodka Non-Alcoholic Drink Substitutes

Vodka is one of the most popular spirits in the world. The clear liquor’s versatility and neutral flavor make it an ideal base for cocktails. However, with the growing health consciousness, many people want to reduce alcohol consumption. Thankfully, there are now many great-tasting non-alcoholic alternatives to vodka drinks. This article reviews some of the top vodka substitutes for crafting crowd-pleasing mocktails.

Seedlip Spices 94

One of the most popular vodka replacements is Seedlip Spices 94. This non-alcoholic spirit is distilled from all-natural ingredients like cardamom, grapefruit peel, and cascarilla bark. The result is a warm, aromatic flavor profile reminiscent of a spiced rum. Spices 94 makes a fabulous vodka substitute in cocktails like a Mule or bloody mary. Its depth of flavor shines when mixed with citrusy juices or spicy ingredients.

Lyre’s Dry London Spirit

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic vodka dupe with crisp botanicals, try Lyre’s Dry London Spirit. This alcohol-free spirit uses flavors like juniper, orange, and iris to mimic the taste of a high-end gin or vodka. Lyre’s clean, dry profile works beautifully with vodka in drinks like martinis, vodka sodas, and lemon drop cocktails. It can also add flavor when mixed into Moscow mules or other vodka-based beverages.

Curious Elixirs No. 1

For a lighter, fruitier vodka alternative, reach for Curious Elixirs No. 1. This blend uses crisp white grape juice and aromatic botanicals to create a lovely alcohol-free spirit. No. 1 has bright, juicy citrus, herbs, and stone fruit notes. It makes a fantastic stand-in for vodka in fruit-forward cocktails like cosmopolitans or vodka cranberry drinks. No. 1 adds flavor when topped with soda or club soda for an easy zero-proof spritzer.

Pentire Adrift

One newer vodka dupe worth trying is Pentire Adrift. This non-alcoholic spirit gets its flavors from hand-harvested botanicals and flowers like orange peel, rosemary, and iris. The result is a delicate, floral profile with hints of citrus and grass. Adrift makes a smooth, mellow swap for vodka in cocktails like sea breezes, vodka tonics, and vodka lemonades. Use it as the base in infused vodka drinks featuring fruits, herbs, peppers, or spices for extra flavor.

CleanCo Clean T

CleanCo’s Clean T is a stellar alcohol-free option if you like the crispness of a good vodka. This refreshing non-alcoholic spirit uses tea extracts to create a light, easy-drinking flavor. Clean T’s citrus, ginger, and oak hints make it a solid stand-in for vodka cocktails with fruity or spicy ingredients. Try subbing it into drinks like gimlets, Palomas, or vodka cranberry refreshers. The tea notes also pair nicely with soda water or juices.

Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative

One inventive vodka replacement comes from Ritual Zero Proof. Their whiskey alternative uses malted barley and spices like vanilla, cinnamon, and oak. The result is a smooth, mellow flavor profile reminiscent of a good bourbon or whiskey. This makes Ritual’s spirit an excellent vodka substitute in cocktails that traditionally use whiskey instead, like old-fashioned or Manhattans. The oak and spice notes also work well in place of vodka for fall-flavored drinks featuring apple cider, pumpkin, or chai tea.

Monday Zero Proof Gin, Vodka & Tequila

Monday Zero Proof distills three fantastic alcohol-free spirits: gin, vodka, and tequila alternatives. Their vodka dupe offers vanilla, citrus, black pepper, and oak notes. It mimics the soft, rounded flavor of a premium vodka beautifully. Use it to craft everything from bellinis to bloody marys, minus the alcohol. Monday’s clean, smooth vodka swap can replace vodka in nearly any cocktail recipe for instant mocktail-ification.

Feragaia Swiss Mountain Water Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Feragaia’s Swiss Mountain Water spirit is a stellar vodka dupe for the purest neutral flavor. It’s made using pristine Swiss water and no other additives. The resulting taste is immaculate, crisp, and refreshing. Feragaia makes the ideal non-alcoholic sub for vodka sodas, lemon drops, or other easy cocktails. Its purity also works well for infusing fruits, teas, herbs, and more.

CleanCo Nojito

CleanCo offers another fab vodka alternative with their Nojito. This blend uses crisp apple essence to create a sweet-tart flavor resembling a fruity rum. Nojito’s bright, juicy apple notes make it a fantastic vodka sub in drinks like appletinis. It also adds flavor to fruity mocktail combinations featuring juices like cranberry, pineapple, grapefruit, or pomegranate. The possibilities are nearly endless for crafting crowd-pleasing cocktails with this apple-centric spirit.

Ceder’s Crisp

Ceder’s Crisp offers a deliciously flavorful non-alcoholic swap for vodka and gin. This alcohol-free spirit infuses water with botanicals like juniper, lemongrass, and ginger. The result is a crisp, zesty flavor with major mojito vibes. Cedar works wonderfully in place of vodka for mojito-style drinks. It also shines mixed into refreshing cocktails with ingredients like mint, cucumber, lime, and soda water. Crisp’s versatility makes it easy to work into all summery mocktails.

Ghia Leapfrog

Ghia’s Leapfrog blend offers notes of lemongrass, ginger, and black tea for a bright, appealing flavor. These zesty botanicals make Leapfrog a fantastic choice for swapping into Moscow mule recipes in place of vodka. The natural spiciness also complements citrusy ingredients nicely in drinks like lemon drops or grapefruit cocktails. For an extra flavor twist, use Leapfrog as the base in infusions with berries, citrus fruits, or fresh garden herbs.

Ocean Spray Wave

For a budget-friendly vodka dupe, try Wave from Ocean Spray. This lightly carbonated beverage uses juice extracts and natural flavors to mimic the taste of premium vodka and soda. Pop open a can or pour over ice for an instant zero-proof vodka soda mocktail. Wave’s crisp, refreshing taste works well or is mixed with juices like cranberry or grapefruit. Keep a pack chilled in the fridge for effortless vodka-free spritzers anytime.

Social Elixir Watermelon Mint

Social Elixir offers a deliciously fruity vodka replacement with their Watermelon Mint alcohol-free spirit. This vibrant blend gets its flavor from watermelon, mint, and lime. The result tastes like a freshly muddled watermelon mojito minus the rum. Watermelon Mint’s sweet melon flavors and garden-fresh mint make it perfect for mixing into fruit- and herb-forward mocktails in place of vodka. Think watermelon martinis, fruit punch blends, mojitos, and more.


With so many delicious alcohol-free spirits now available, crafting sensational mocktails that rival traditional vodka cocktails is easy. Brands like Seedlip, Lyre’s, Curious Elixirs, and more offer fantastic flavor profiles that work wonderfully in place of vodka—just sub in your favorite non-alcoholic vodka dupe to give classic drinks a delicious zero-proof makeover. With a bit of creativity and these stellar substitutes, the mocktail options are virtually endless. Whip up a batch for your next gathering and toast to better health and wellness.


Q: What is the best non-alcoholic vodka substitute?

A: Some top-rated vodka substitutes include Seedlip Spices 94, Lyre’s Dry London Spirit, Curious Elixirs No. 1, Ritual Zero Proof whiskey alternative, and Ocean Spray Wave.

Q: How do you make a non-alcoholic vodka drink?

A: Substitute your favorite non-alcoholic vodka alternative instead of regular vodka in cocktail recipes. Shake or stir with other ingredients like fruit juices, herbs, sodas, etc. Serve over ice for an instant mocktail.

**Q: What can I mix with non-alcoholic vodka? **

A: Great mixers for vodka substitutes include citrus juices, sodas, ginger beer, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, mint, cucumber, berries, tea, and more.

Q: Do non-alcoholic spirits taste like the real thing?

A: Many come remarkably close to mimicking the flavor profiles of gin, vodka, tequila, and other spirits using botanicals, fruits, spices, and extracts. However, alcohol-free spirits tend to be lighter in taste.

Q: Can you get drunk from non-alcoholic vodka?

A: No, you cannot get drunk from non-alcoholic vodka alternatives as they contain no actual alcohol. They provide the flavors of vodka without the intoxicating effects.