Review Triple Sec non-alcoholic drink substitutes

Review Triple Sec non-alcoholic drink substitutes

Triple Sec is an orange-flavored liqueur widely used as an ingredient in cocktails like the margarita and cosmopolitan. While the traditional Triple Sec contains alcohol, several non-alcoholic alternatives are available for people who want to enjoy the citrus flavor without the buzz. This article will review some of the top non-alcoholic Triple Sec substitutes and discuss how they compare to the real deal regarding taste, quality, and value.

What is Triple Sec?

Triple Sec is a sweet and mildly bitter orange-flavored liqueur originating in France. It combines brandy or a neutral spirit with sweet and bitter orange peels. Traditional Triple Sec contains between 15% to 40% alcohol by volume (ABV). The flavor is dominated by orange but also includes citrus, vanilla, and honey notes. It’s essential to add sweetness, taste, and aroma to cocktails.

Why use non-alcoholic substitutes?

There are several reasons why someone may want a non-alcoholic Triple Sec substitute, including:

Health reasons

Some people avoid alcohol for health and wellness reasons. A non-alcoholic Triple Sec swap allows them to still enjoy the orange flavor in mocktails and cocktails.

Religious reasons

Religious beliefs may prevent the consumption of alcohol, so a non-alcoholic Triple Sec provides an alternative.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnant and breastfeeding women must avoid alcohol but can still enjoy the orange flavor with a non-alcoholic Triple Sec.

Designated drivers

Drivers can sip on cocktails sans alcohol by using a non-alcoholic Triple Sec replacement.

Underage drinkers

Those under the legal drinking age can replicate classic cocktails using an alcohol-free Triple Sec.

Non-alcoholic Triple Sec substitutes

Several brands now offer non-alcoholic Triple Sec alternatives. Let’s review some of the most popular options:

Lyre’s Orange Sec

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Orange Sec infuses natural orange flavors in water and glycerin. It mimics the sweet, bitter orange taste of traditional Triple Sec. At $35 per bottle, it provides the closest flavor experience to real Triple Sec while being alcohol-free. The quality and sophistication of the ingredients make this a top choice. However, the high price point may deter some buyers.

Secco Orange

Secco Orange is a non-alcoholic Triple Sec alternative made in Spain. It’s crafted from a grape juice base and infused with natural blood orange flavors. It’s priced at $24 for a 750ml bottle and’s more affordable than the Lyre brand. The grape juice base gives it a different taste profile than traditional Triple Sec. While delicious, it lacks some of the complex bitter orange notes.

Ritual Zero Proof Tequila Alternative

While not a direct Triple Sec swap, Ritual’s Tequila Alternative adds orange and spice flavors that mimic Triple Sec’s citrus punch. It’s made from real oranges, vanilla, and spices in a proprietary blend of botanicals. At $20 per bottle, it’s budget-friendly and works well in margaritas and other cocktails as a non-alcoholic Triple Sec replacement. The taste isn’t a spot-on dupe, but the quality could be better.

Clean Mocktails Triple Sec Mixer

Clean Mocktails makes a non-alcoholic Triple Sec mixer designed to replicate the flavor of the real deal. It combines orange, lemon, chamomile, and stevia for a sweet, tart, and lightly bitter citrus profile. A 16 oz bottle costs just $12, making it the most affordable option. While less sophisticated than the Lyre’s and Secco brands, its solid orange flavor makes it a great budget alternative.

Curious Elixirs No.01 Orange

Curious Elixirs No.01 Orange is made with a blend of orange peel, vanilla, and chamomile. It mimics the color and flavor of traditional Triple Sec very closely. A 750ml bottle costs $20. The main drawback is that it contains trace amounts of alcohol at 0.5% ABV. So, it’s not entirely alcohol-free. But it provides an incredibly accurate flavor match for real Triple Sec.

How do they compare in taste?

The non-alcoholic Triple Sec alternatives can only partially replicate the complexity of the liqueur made with a brandy base. However, some come remarkably close to mimicking that sweet, tart, and lightly bitter orange profile.

Based on taste, Lyre’s Orange Sec is the closest dupe, nearly indistinguishable from true Triple Sec. Ritual’s Tequila Alternative also nails the citrus flavor, although the taste profile skews more towards orange juice.

The Clean Mocktails and Curious Elixirs products offer solid budget-friendly options with delicious orange flavor. Secco Orange is delicious but tastes more like infused grape juice than Triple Sec.

Cocktail performance

A key consideration is how well these non-alcoholic Triple Sec stand-ins perform in cocktails. Lyres mimic the look, taste, and mouthfeel of true Triple Sec, the closest in cocktails. You can swap it into any Triple Sec cocktail recipe seamlessly.

Rituals work beautifully in margaritas, although the balance may need slight tweaking since it’s less sweet. Clean Mocktails and Curious Elixirs also mix nicely into cocktails like margaritas and cosmopolitans.

Secco Orange will mimic Triple Sec less in cocktails. But it can be swapped in nicely if you adjust it to balance its more grape-forward flavor.

Price and value comparison

In terms of price, Clean Mocktails offers the best value, with a 16oz bottle costing just $12. It provides a solid orange flavor for budget-minded consumers.

Ritual is also very affordable at $20 per bottle. Lyres are pricier at $35, but you get superb quality and the closest flavor match to real Triple Sec.

Curious Elixirs and Secco Orange fall in the middle price-wise. Secco also represents decent value, although the grape-citrus taste differs more from traditional Triple Sec.

So in terms of both price and flavor accuracy, Lyre’s Orange Sec is the premium choice that most closely mimics real Triple Sec. Clean Mocktails, Ritual, and Curious Elixirs provide great budget-friendly options. And Secco Orange offers a nice grapefruit-citrus flavor in an alcohol-free alternative.


Triple Sec might be ingrained in cocktail culture, but if you want to avoid alcohol, there are some impressive, accurate non-alcoholic alternatives. Lyre’s Orange Sec is the closest dupe in taste and quality. But more budget-friendly options like Ritual, Clean Mocktails, and Curious Elixirs also offer solid alcohol-free Triple Sec substitutes.

Secco Orange provides a tasty grapefruit-citrus flavor profile. But it differs the most from true Triple Sec. Any alcohol-free swaps can allow you to enjoy the citrus flavor in your cocktails, whether you’re avoiding alcohol or want to drink in moderation. Adjust cocktail recipes slightly to account for differences in sweetness and flavor balance. With the growth in non-alcoholic beverages, it’s easier than ever to find tasty Triple Sec replacements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the closest non-alcoholic taste match to real Triple Sec?

Lyre’s Orange Sec offers the closest flavor match to traditional Triple Sec in a non-alcoholic version. It almost indistinguishably mimics the nuanced sweet, tart, and lightly bitter orange profile.

Which options are completely alcohol-free?

Lyre’s Orange Sec, Ritual Tequila Alternative, Clean Mocktails Triple Sec Mixer, and Secco Orange are entirely alcohol-free. Curious Elixirs contains a tiny 0.5% ABV alcohol.

Which Triple Sec swap is the most budget-friendly?

Clean Mocktails Triple Sec Mixer is the most affordable at $12 per bottle. Ritual Tequila Alternative is also budget-friendly at $20 per bottle.

How well do the swaps mimic Triple Sec in cocktails?

Lyre mimics Triple Sec almost identically in cocktails. Ritual and Clean Mocktails work nicely with minor tweaks to balance. Secco Orange differs more in taste from Triple Sec, so cocktail recipes need more adjustment.

Which options offer the best value for money?

Clean Mocktails is the best value, providing solid orange flavor for just $12. The ritual also represents excellent value at $20 per bottle. Lyre’s is the premium-priced option but offers superb quality.

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