List of the Best Romantic Korean Movies on Netflix

The Ultimate List of the Best Romantic Korean Movies on Netflix

Korean movies and TV shows, also known as K-dramas, have become incredibly popular in recent years. With their unique blend of drama, romance, and stunning cinematography, it’s easy to see why so many people around the world have become obsessed with Korean entertainment.

One of the most popular genres in Korean cinema is romantic films. Korea has produced some incredibly beautiful and moving love stories over the years that showcase the depth of human emotion. If you’re looking for an emotional rollercoaster filled with plenty of swoon-worthy moments, Korean romantic movies are a perfect choice.

In this article, we will share our list of the absolute best Korean romantic movies that you can watch right now on Netflix. From historical tales of forbidden love to stories about first loves and second chances, this list has something for every type of romantic. Keep reading for our top picks!

Our Top Picks for the Best Romantic Korean Movies on Netflix

  1. 1. My Sassy Girl (2001)

One of the most beloved and quintessential Korean romantic comedies, My Sassy Girl tells the story of Gyun-woo, a college student who meets an aloof and cold girl on the subway. After she passes out drunk, Gyun-woo takes her home and a strange relationship starts to form between the two as he takes care of her. This movie will make you laugh just as much as it tugs at your heartstrings with its quirky, fast-paced story and iconic characters.

Key Features: Iconic Korean romantic comedy, enemies-to-lovers storyline, the quirky female lead

  1. 2. Il Mare (2000)

A fantasy melodrama with a time-bending storyline, Il Mare follows two lonely people living in the same house two years apart who connect through a mysterious post box. As they communicate and fall in love through time exchanging letters, they try to solve the puzzle of how to meet in real life. With nuanced performances and a magical, nostalgic atmosphere, it’s an unforgettable love story.

Key Features: Fantasy melodrama, time travel romance, poetic cinematography

  1. 3. Always (2011)

This heart-wrenching romance tells the story of a doomed relationship between two people from vastly different backgrounds. Ex-boxer Cheol-min falls madly in love with blind telemarketer Jung-hwa as he starts working as her substitute driver. Their affection for each other transcends social class but external threats encroach on their world. Prepare your tissues before watching this one!

Key Features: Tragic melodrama, social class divide, handicapped female lead

  1. 4. More Than Blue (2018)

This tearjerker follows two orphans, K and Cream, who grow up together and eventually fall in love. But when Cream receives the terminal diagnosis of leukemia, the two attempt to make their remaining days together as happy as possible while preparing for the inevitability of Cream’s passing. The movie highlights the profound sadness of true love that cannot overcome mortality.

Key Features: Tragic terminal illness romance, childhood friends to lovers

  1. 5. On Your Wedding Day (2018)

This film tells the unique love story of Woo-yeon and Seung-hee, who were each other’s first loves in high school but eventually broke up. Years later, Seung-hee is set to marry someone else. As Woo-yeon attends the wedding, buried feelings and regrets rise to the surface. An emotional film about nostalgic first love and missed timing.

Key Features: First love romance, love that could have been

  1. 6. The Beauty Inside (2015)

A truly unique take on a romantic film, The Beauty Inside follows the extraordinary love story between Woo-jin, who wakes up in a different body each day, and Yi-soo, the girl who loves him for his soul despite his constantly changing physical appearance. It’s a fresh and fantastical exploration of love beyond appearance.

Key Features: Fantasy melodrama, romance not based on physicality

  1. 7. Tune in for Love (2019)

Spanning over a decade, this movie follows the relationship between Mi-su and Hyun-woo, who met briefly as teenagers in 1994 but reunited as adults 10 years later. As they become intertwined through music and fate, their romance faces many challenges over the years. It’s an emotional rollercoaster about long-lasting love.

Key Features: Spans over a decade, music bonds the characters, melodrama

  1. 8. The Classic (2003)

A nostalgic melodrama and romantic tragedy, The Classic tells parallel love stories between mother and daughter that span generations but end with an ultimately tragic fate. In the present day, Ji-hye falls for Sang-min, her mother’s former lover from the past. The movie highlights the timelessness and shared experiences of love.

Key Features: Parallel love stories across generations, melodramatic tragedy, love transcending time

  1. 9. My Little Bride (2004)

This funny and sweet romantic comedy focuses on a young high school girl who ends up becoming the wife of her older groom in an arranged marriage. Faced with married life while still in school, the young newlyweds clash as they try to balance school, first loves, and marriage. An iconic romantic comedy.

Key Features: Arranged marriage comedy, high school romance

  1. 10. The Handmaiden (2016)

A sensual romantic thriller by acclaimed director Park Chan-wook, The Handmaiden crafts a gripping story out of deceit, forbidden love, and revenge. In Japanese-occupied Korea, a con man hires a pickpocket to become the maid of a wealthy Japanese heiress as part of a grand scheme, but an unexpected romance interferes with their plans.

Key Features: Romantic thriller, forbidden lesbian romance, plot twists galore

Why Are Korean Romance Movies So Endearing and Emotional?

There are many reasons why Korean romance films tend to strike such a strong emotional chord with audiences around the world. Here are some of the key factors that make them so poignant:

Beautiful, poetic cinematography – Korean directors have a keen eye for creating stunning visuals and thoughtful shot compositions that add to the atmosphere.

Convincing, passionate acting – Korean actors throw themselves into their roles, expressing heart-fluttering chemistry and deep emotion.

Bittersweet, melancholic tones – There’s often a wistful, nostalgic air to many Korean romance films that adds to the dramatic impact.

Emphasis on sacrifice and impossibility – Forbidden love, class divides, terminal illness – Korean movies aren’t afraid to craft tragic love stories.

The thematic depth and artistic execution – Korean movies tend to cover romance with nuance, symbolism, and artful storytelling.

Relatable, vulnerable characters – The protagonists are complex, flawed, and human, making it easy to get invested in their plight.

Fusion of genres – From comedies to thrillers, Korean films play with genre and tones to create surprising stories.

By blending gorgeous visuals, superb acting, and exploring romance from poetic and unexpected angles, Korean films have mastered the formula for cinematic tearjerkers and heart-swelling love stories.

Common Tropes and Themes Found in Korean Romance Movies

There are certain recurring themes and narrative elements that pop up time and time again in Korean romantic films. Here are some of the most prominent romantic tropes that connect many popular Korean love stories:

– Ill-Fated Lovers

Whether kept apart by terminal illness, social class, family disapproval, or an inability to meet in real life, many Korean romance movies focus on star-crossed lovers tragedy kept apart by fate. The longing and impossible circumstances make their love more poignant.

– First Loves

Nostalgic movies looking back at wistful, innocent first loves from childhood or teenage years are common. These formative romantic experiences hold deep resonance.

– Love Transcending Time and Space

Fantastical movies play with time travel, time loops, parallel universes, and other devices to create moving love stories that show romance breaking normal bounds.

– Enemies to Lovers

Spirited romantic comedies shine when initial personality clashes and misunderstandings turn to mutual attraction and devotion over time between contrasting protagonists.

– Melodramatic Tragedies

Overcoming the odds only to meet an ultimately tragic end is common, wringing every last tear out of audiences. Sacrifice is often a big theme.

By innovatively blending these romantic tropes in different ways, Korean movies keep churning out original, surprising, and emotionally captivating love stories.

An Introduction to Korean Romantic Films

For audiences unfamiliar with Korean cinema, diving headfirst into the world of Korean romantic movies can be an eye-opening experience. Here’s a quick crash course on this beloved film genre:

  • Golden Age – The late 90s to early 2000s marked a renaissance for Korean romantic films, producing many classic titles.
  • Mass Appeal – Mainstream romantic movies are extremely popular domestically and abroad thanks to their strong emotional core.
  • Melodrama Mastery – Koreans have finely tuned melodrama into an impactful art form. Tragic love stories are common.
  • Censorship Easing – More liberal censorship laws have allowed for more risque and erotic romantic movies in recent decades.
  • High Concept Execution – Genre mashups with thriller, fantasy, and sci-fi elements are pulled off with mastery.
  • Hallyu Wave – The rise of K-Pop and Korean media has shined an international spotlight on Korean romantic films.
  • Talented Stars – Actors like Son Ye-jin, Ha Ji-won, and Lee Min-ho have become icons of the genre.
  • Sincere Storytelling – At their core Korean romance films explore love, loss, and the human experience with earnestness.

With such rich thematic depth, talented filmmakers, convincing chemistry between actors, and imaginative stories, it’s easy to get lost in the emotional and cinematic appeal of Korean romance films.

Crucial Elements That Make Korean Romance Movies So Successful

When looking at the most popular and beloved Korean romantic films, they share many common strengths that have contributed to their success and acclaim. Here are some of the crucial ingredients that the best movies in the genre contain:

– Strong, Central Romance

The connection between the two leads is the beating heart driving everything – their chemistry and tensions hook the audience.

– Balance of Comedy and Melodrama

The movies seamlessly blend lighthearted laughs, witty romance, and tear-jerking emotions into a bittersweet mix.

– Lush Visuals

Stunning cinematography and imagery immerse you in the romantic world depicted on screen.

– Layered Characters

Beyond just the leads, secondary characters feel fully realized and add depth.

– Thematic Resonance

Universal themes about the nature of love and what it means to be human give the stories weight.

– Gripping Storytelling

Creative narratives with addictive plotting keep you invested from start to finish.

– Emotional Payoffs

Satisfying moments of catharsis, transformation, redemption, or closure provide a rewarding journey.

By bringing together these crucial elements, the best Korean romance movies deliver an unforgettable and moving experience.

Why Netflix is the Perfect Platform for Korean Romantic Movies

In recent years, Netflix has become the foremost destination for Korean cinema, including the romantic genre. Here’s why Netflix is so well-suited for Korean love stories:

  • Mass reach – Netflix’s global platform introduces Korean films to wider mainstream audiences.
  • Convenience – The streaming model makes Korean movies very accessible to view anytime.
  • Improved subtitles – More accurate subtitles help overcome language barriers.
  • Algorithms – The recommendation system helps connect viewers with ideal titles.
  • Licensing deals – Netflix has agreements to screen many major Korean movie releases.
  • Investing in content – Netflix is investing heavily in Korean original productions.
  • User reviews – Viewer comments and ratings help identify quality titles.
  • Promotional tools – Trailers, social media, and homepage promotions give Korean movies more visibility

With all these beneficial factors, Netflix provides the perfect readily-available portal into the emotional, cinematic experience of the best Korean romance films. The diverse stories and genres cater to an array of viewer tastes.

Exciting New Releases Coming Soon

While the existing library of Korean romantic films on Netflix is already excellent, even more exciting titles are on the way in the coming year. Here’s a taste of some of the highly-anticipated Korean love stories that will soon be released:

  • Seoul Vibe – A motor gang action movie set in the 1980s with a pulsating romance at its core. Releases in 2023.
  • Believer 2 – The sequel to the popular action thriller, with romances developed further. Releases in 2023.
  • Behind Your Touch – A promising cross-cultural office romance starring rising stars Won Jin-ah and Yoo Yeon-seok. Releases in 2023.
  • Love to Hate You – Enemies to Lovers romantic comedy starring Kim Ok-vin and Yoo Teo. Releases in 2023.
  • Somebody – Supernatural romantic thriller starring Kim Young-kwang and Kang Hae-lim. Releases in 2023.

With these diverse and buzzworthy titles arriving soon, Netflix is poised to continue satisfying romantic movie lovers. The future of Korean love stories on Netflix looks bright!


Korean romantic films have become a global sensation, and there are few better places to experience their emotional depth and cinematic mastery than on Netflix. From historical melodramas to fantastical love stories, the streaming giant houses some of the best examples of Korean romance movies. With gorgeous visuals, heartstrings-tugging narratives, and magnetic leads, these films offer the perfect escapist experience.

As the Korean entertainment industry continues producing imaginative, poignant romantic films, and as Netflix expands its library of titles, movie lovers around the world can look forward to exciting releases arriving in the future. For those wishing to immerse themselves in the joys, longings, and heartbreaks of love, Korean romance movies on Netflix provide the ideal destination.

Frequently Asked Questions About Romantic Korean Movies on Netflix

  1. What are some of the most iconic romantic Korean movies throughout history?

Some of the most beloved and quintessential romantic Korean films include My Sassy Girl (2001), Il Mare (2000), A Moment to Remember (2004), The Classic (2003), and A Tale of Two Sisters (2003). These films had major cultural impacts domestically and abroad.

  1. Are all Korean romance movies sad and tragic?

No, not all Korean romance movies are depressing tragedies. Though they have mastered tragic melodrama, there are also many lighthearted romantic comedies like My Sassy Girl, My Little Bride, and My Mighty Princess as well as more fantastical romantic films like The Beauty Inside.

  1. Where can I stream older classic Korean romance movies?

Though Netflix’s library focuses on newer titles, many classic Korean romantic films can be found on other specialty streaming platforms like Kocowa and OnDemand Korea. Retro love stories can also often be rented digitally.

  1. Are Korean romance movies appropriate for teens and kids?

It depends on the rating – PG-13 Korean romances are usually fine for teens while mature-rated movies with strong sexuality, violence, and adult themes should be avoided. Movies rated 15+ in Korea are equivalent to R in the US.

  1. Do I need to watch Korean TV dramas to understand movies?

No, movies are self-contained stories that can be enjoyed with no prior background. However, TV dramas feature some of the same stars and themes so watching both can be fun!