How to Style an Oversized T-Shirt For a Fashionable Look?

How to Style an Oversized T-Shirt For a Fashionable Look?

Oversized t-shirts have become a staple fashion item for both men and women. Their loose, relaxed fit provides a laidback and effortlessly chic vibe. While an oversized tee can easily be thrown on for a casual look, it can also be dressed up for a more polished ensemble with the proper styling. If you want to elevate your oversized t-shirt game, here are some tips and tricks to wear this versatile piece stylishly.

Choose the Right Fit

The key to nailing the oversized tee look is getting the right fit. You want something loose and roomy but not completely drowning your frame. When selecting an oversized t-shirt, look for the following fit guidelines:

For Women

  • The shoulder seams extend just past your natural shoulder
  • The sleeves hit around mid-bicep
  • The hem falls to mid-thigh or covers your backside

For Men

  • The shoulder seams extend just past your shoulders
  • The sleeves hit above the elbow
  • The hem falls past the hips

Go for tees made from soft, drapey fabrics like jersey or modal that will hang nicely. Size up from your regular t-shirt size for an authentic oversized look.

Tuck It In

One easy trick to make an oversized tee chic is tucking it into bottoms. This creates definition at the waist and balances the billowy proportions up top.

  • For women, tuck an oversized tee into a high-waisted skirt – this elongates the legs. Or fold it into distressed jeans or cutoffs for a casual vibe.
  • Men can tuck an oversized tee into slim chinos or trousers. This pulls together a polished look.

When tucking in an oversized tee, leave a bit of fabric untucked in the front to maintain the slouchy aesthetic.

Layer It

Oversized tees pair perfectly with fitted layers underneath that offset the relaxed shape.


  • Wear a form-fitting tank or bodysuit underneath an oversized tee. Opt for an exciting neckline that peeks out from under the tee.
  • Layer an oversized tee over a slip skirt or body-con dress for an effortlessly undone vibe.


  • Layer an oversized tee over a long-sleeve fitted shirt. Choose a complementary color palette for an intriguing color-blocked look.
  • Wear an oversized tee over a sweater and a skinny tie combo to give a dressier feel.

Cinch With a Belt

Cinching an oversized tee at the waist with a belt is a styling trick that works for both women and men. It creates definition at the core and prevents getting lost in oversized proportions.

  • Women can use a wide waist-cinching belt over an oversized tee. Coordinate the belt color with another item like shoes or a handbag.
  • Men, cinch an oversized tee with a leather belt, casual fabric belt, or woven belt. Make sure the belt matches the formality of the rest of the look.

Place the belt directly at the natural waist when belting an oversized tee. Allow loose fabric to hang over the strap so it doesn’t look overly fitted.

Experiment With Tying

To quickly transform the shape and fit of an oversized tee, tie it up. This instantly pulls in the silhouette for a more styled look.

  • Women can tie an oversized tee at the waist or hip to crop the length. This looks cute with high-waisted bottoms. Or tie it off to one shoulder to bare a shoulder.
  • Men knot an oversized tee at the hem for a makeshift crop top vibe. Or tie it across the chest, leaving the sleeves hanging loose.

When knotting up an oversized tee, ensure the fabric lays smoothly so bumps don’t show through. And don’t tie it too tightly – a loose knot enhances the laidback vibe.

Elevate With Tailored Pieces

Mixing an oversized tee with something more tailored instantly elevates a look. The contrast between the relaxed tee and crisp tailoring pulls an outfit together.

For Women

  • Pair an oversized graphic tee with a slick leather moto jacket and stilettos for a nighttime edge.
  • Tuck an oversized tee into a pleated midi skirt with a pair of loafers for an off-duty model vibe.

For Men

  • Counterbalance a loose tee with a slim blazer and trousers for workwear polish.
  • Team an oversized tee with a bomber jacket, black jeans, and casual sneakers for an urban cool look.

Tailored pieces provide a structure that complements the nonchalance of an oversized tee.

Play With Proportions

Have fun playing with proportions by pairing an oversized tee with other large pieces or fitted items for contrast.

  • For women, team an oversized tee with baggy, wide-leg pants or trousers. Lean into the big vibe up top and bottom.
  • Or, create shape contrast by pairing an oversized tee with leggings or skinny jeans.
  • For men, pair an oversized tee with relaxed-fit jeans or joggers for weekend wear.
  • Or, balance it out with slim-cut chinos and casual lace-up shoes.

Mixing loose and fitted pieces in unexpected ways makes oversized tee outfits intriguing.


Oversized t-shirts offer endless styling possibilities for both men and women. Follow these tips to turn the oversized tee from an essential item into a true fashion statement. Feel confident about getting creative and finding unique ways to style this wardrobe staple item to suit your aesthetic. With the right attitude and styling sensibility, the simple oversized tee can become your wear-anywhere go-to for an effortlessly cool style.

FAQs About Styling Oversized T-Shirts

What pants go well with oversized T-shirts?

For women, oversized t-shirts look great paired with skinny jeans, leggings, cutoffs, bike shorts, or wide-leg trousers. For men, pair oversized tees with slim jeans, joggers, shorts, or chinos.

What shoes should you wear with an oversized T-shirt?

Women can pair oversized tees with casual sneakers, sandals, slides, or heels. Men can opt for casual sneakers, oxfords, loafers, or boots. Let the formality of the shoes match the vibe of the outfit.

How do you make an oversized t-shirt cute?

Style tricks like tucking it in, layering, belting, and tying an oversized tee instantly make it look more polished. Pairing it with tailored pieces like blazers and skinny pants also elevates the look.

Can you dress up in an oversized T-shirt?

Yes! Style an oversized tee with a leather jacket, heels, jewelry, or a skirt for a dressier vibe. Tailoring like blazers and skinny cuts helps dress up an oversized tee.

What body type looks best in oversized t-shirts?

Oversized tees are versatile and flattering for all body types. Curvy shapes can balance proportions by tucking or belting the tee. Athletic builds showcase their figure by layering fitted pieces underneath. The looseness of oversized tees works for any shape!