Escalate Your Product Presentation With Appealing Custom Flip Top Boxes

Custom Flip Top Boxes

It is a bitter fact that the industries are growing at a faster rate, seeing many brands there is high competition. Thus, it is a bit difficult for startups and businesses to make their position strong in the market. Custom flip-top boxes with sleek design ensure to make your brand stand out. This box has a sleekly designed opening flap on the top along with a magnetic close point to deliver a royal vibe, marvelous appeal, and beauty to the product.

You can even use it as a gift box for its great unboxing. Increasing the aesthetic appeal of the packaging with customization is the best idea because the more you add style to your product, the more it will engage your customers. 


It doesn’t matter if you have a cosmetics or jewelry shop, this type of packaging is the perfect way to give a beautiful presentation. Your business can experience immense benefits from the custom printed flip top box  in the following ways 

  • Beautiful customized boxes help to display your product in a creative and artistic way.  Further, flip top gift box with beautiful designs can become beautiful presents for your loved ones. 
  • Sleek styles flip top boxes give a royal branded look hence, making your product stand out. 
  • Available in different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles, you have the free option to choose the box dimensions and styles in accordance with your product. For instance, a collection of lipsticks or earrings requires small flip-top boxes. 
  • Further, the easy opening and closing of the box with magnetic closure give a memorable beautiful unboxing experience. 
  • The stronghold of magnetic closure keeps the lid tightly closed and protects your product from falling out or getting any type of damage. 
  • You can imprint your brand name, logo, and slogan on the flip-top boxes in an elegant way thus helping to promote your business. In this way, you don’t need to invest money separately for the advertisement of your brand. 
  • Last but not least, these boxes are made of eco-friendly materials i.e. Cardboard and paperboard which attract environment-conscious people because using natural products and packaging is getting the most attention in the current era. 

Nature-Friendly & Strong Quality Material

Material is the base of the packaging. If the source of the material is not right, then the quality of the whole packaging goes down affecting your product and in turn the sales. Thus every business priority is to first look for high-quality packaging material that is long-lasting, durable, robust, and eco-friendly! 

You can see a wide range of boxes made from different sources. Here we give you three materials that go with high-quality packaging.

Cardboard: cardboard is the most lightweight with the least impact on the environment. Thus if you want to easily carry and handle your products then this option would go best.  This material box with a handle gives a way of catching more profit to your business. 

Kraft: It is a strong, reliable, and durable material to accompany your product and make it stand out with its earthy look. 

Rigid: As the name suggests these boxes provide high protection with their thick strong material and do not let anything ruin the shape and texture of the box. Moreover, custom-printed rigid boxes are the most affordable option you can have for packaging.

Corrugated: The ripple texture makes corrugated different from all packaging materials. They give a beautiful look and feel to your product. Further, its eco-friendly nature fulfills the sustainability goals.

Appealing Add-ons

Your boxes will look dull and simple if you do not embellish them with add-ons or creative elements in another sense. For instance, if you select the fabric and color of the dress but forget to add fishing or design then you will get exhausted from it very soon and will not wear it often. Similarly, the plain-looking box will not even capture the attention of the people and there will be less or no chance that your product will be bought. 

  • Silver foiling 
  • Gold Foiling 
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Laminations
  • Holographic foiling


With these appealing custom elements, you can create a fabulous custom-printed flip-top box. Therefore, customers will definitely look and observe the packaging and product inside if it grabs their attention leading to more sales. 


Now with custom flip-top boxes, you can make the product stand out in a market full of competition due to the beautiful presentation it delivers. The easy opening with a magnetic button gives a satisfying unboxing experience that cannot be achieved with ordinary packaging. Moreover, the strong and nature-friendly packaging material and appealing custom options enhance the quality of the product and promote your business to a great extent.