Dublin Delights: A Weekend Itinerary for Exploring the Irish Capital

Dublin, which is otherwise known as the cosmopolitan capital of Ireland, is a hot spot for spending the weekend in the most exclusive ways. This place is great to explore for someone who wants to see how this city beholds the old and new despite its compact size. If you are a history, literature and nature enthusiast, this place can be a haven for you.

On the other hand, this place unfolds many delights for people who love music, clubbing, politics, food or shopping. The festive season is nearing, and you will have long weekends to plan something around Dublin. All you need to do is check the highlights before mapping everything.

The countryside could be a special place to excavate for a travel maniac like you. For sudden plans, having cash ready in your wallet is one of the preparation hacks before you start the travel. Arranging money in whatever way is critical, but certain financial conditions can restrict you from getting access to funding solutions.

What should you do then, drop the plan? No, there is no need for it, as holiday loans for bad credit are at your fingertips. These loans do not prevent you from borrowing just because your credit scores are not perfect.

Therefore, financial planning is a must even when you want to pay a visit to a new place like Dublin. Once it is done, you can proceed to figure out the two to three-day itinerary with the help of this blog.

Tour guide to spend a splendid weekend in Dublin

Witness a colourful weather experience with spectacular beauty in one hand and some scattered unpleasant elements here and there. A wholesome experience would require an amalgamation of both. You would need some travel guide to narrow down things you can explore in Dublin this coming weekend.

This guide will help you have a bird’s eye view of plans you can have.

Fix up the budget to decide on the accommodation

Staying in Dublin can be costly, and you should have some financial preparation for this. If you have been saving for a while, a possibility is that the amount might not match the actual cost. In that scenario, you might need additional support that closely resembles the provident loans in Dublin.

Do not borrow exceeding your financial limit, as you will have to pay back the same.

Club your savings and borrowed amount to plug the funding gap and pick the most comfortable stay in Dublin. Check if your budget allows you to afford within-the-city accommodations, or you might have to stay outside the city.

Make sure that the transport facility is convenient. Otherwise, you would not be able to hire a taxi to look around the city. Enjoy a little bit of trek for an unexpected experience while exploring this place.

Day 1 for lighter explorations

If you are not fond of sunsets, your opinion is going to change now. Here, you will be awestruck to see a mix of orange, purple and pink colours during sunset. This could be one of the first things you will witness once you reach this destination.

Do not forget to visit the Custom House on Liffey’s Bank to experience an outstanding sunrise in the early hours of summer in Ireland. There are other tourist attractions in and around Dublin that you can explore by utilising the time after sunrise.

Opting for a private transfer is better than self-driving, which can be a little tough here. First, because you have jet lag, and second, there are a few other aspects that you cannot ignore despite taking full rest.

Consider the General post for a sightseeing experience. This Georgian architecture has amazing interiors that tell a story about its role in the Easter Rising in Ireland 1916. Besides, you might prefer visiting its Witness history exhibit for complete knowledge of its history.

The statue of James Joyce will be there in this area. Thus, you can check it out on Day 1 itself. The other prominent places to visit are Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, and Grafton Street etc.

Day 2 for deeper excavations

Have Guinness Storehouse on your list for the second day. It has a brewery and museum with its sky-scrapping observation deck that needs special mention. Although it is a bit outside the city, it has geographical elements to note and could be one of the show-stopper places that you visit in Dublin.

Compared to the size of this city, St. Stephen’s Greens can seem like a massive structure, but it is not as huge as the parks in Europe. Be sure to have the Library at Trinity College on your list of places to explore on Day 2.

You will have to pay an entry fee that could be a little huge but worth it as you can witness the drama of this place. If you do not want to spend hours in the queue to book tickets, you can do the same online in a hassle-free manner without facing the crowd.

Witnessing another attraction of the place, i.e. Glasnevin Cemetery, is optional. Do not miss out on visiting the National Botanic Gardens! You can even have your own list of places to visit on the second day of your stay in Dublin.

Day 3 for to explore beyond the city

There are castles of medieval age and charming streets at Kilkenny situation outside Dublin. Look around the Kilkenny castle, i.e. a royal fortress surrounded by beautiful gardens. Visiting it would be a great delight for you.

You can even walk along the High Street while exploring the local shops on the sideways. Sip some of the best café’s coffee during this expedition. If you are curious to know the brewing history of Ireland, Smithwick’s Brewery is a must-visit for you.

Have your dinner in some of the exclusive and modern Irish restaurants. You can have a walking tour of Dublin’s National Museum. Spot a deer in Phoenix Park by not only focussing on pub hopping. Do not end your trip without live music, which is one of those exclusivities of the place.

The bottom line

Dublin is one the best places to explore when you have a long weekend to spend on a slightly different note. This place has diverse elements in store for you. All you need to do is to fix the itinerary in the right way.

Do not overlook the budget, which has a great role to play in making your trip successful. This duration of stay is sufficient to take a tour of this place. Rent a car for easy navigation throughout the city so that you can enjoy the sight-seeing.