5 Best Truck Rental Companies in Canada

You have plenty of options if you need to rent a truck in Canada. The country’s major truck rental providers offer everything from small moving vans to heavy-duty trucks capable of hauling equipment and cargo over long distances. This article will highlight 5 of Canada’s best truck rental companies based on reputation, selection, pricing, and customer satisfaction.

1. U-Haul


Founded in 1945, U-Haul is a giant truck and trailer rental company in North America. They have over 1,600 locations across Canada to rent trucks, moving vans, towing equipment, auto transport trailers, storage containers, and more.

Key Features:

  • Massive selection of trucks, from 10 ft moving vans to 26 ft straight trucks capable of hauling up to 15,000 lbs
  • One-way and in-town rentals are available
  • Online reservations and tools to estimate costs
  • Well-maintained fleet with 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Rental trailers, towing accessories, appliance dollies, and moving supplies are also available

U-Haul is an intelligent choice for do-it-yourself movers and anyone needing to haul heavy loads. They have an extensive network of locations across Canada, flexible rental terms, and helpful moving resources on their website.

2. Penske


Penske Truck Rental is another top provider operating in Canada. They are known for their premium rental trucks and reputation for reliability.

Key Features:

  • Rental trucks from 12 ft moving trucks to 26 ft straight trucks hauling up to 16,000 lbs
  • One-way and local rentals are available
  • Free unlimited miles on one-way rentals
  • Modern fleet with GPS tracking and 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Moving supplies and towing equipment are also available
  • Automated kiosks for quick pickup and drop-off

Penske maintains strict truck maintenance standards, and their newer fleet has customer-pleasing conveniences like power steering, automatic transmission, and lift gates. They are an excellent option for one-way moves.

3. Budget Truck Rental

Budget Truck Rental

This rental company is part of Avis Budget Group and has 75+ locations serving all provinces. Budget Truck Rental specializes in affordable rentals for moving and cargo delivery.

Key Features:

  • Truck sizes from 16 ft to 26 ft with optional lift gates
  • One-way and local rentals offered
  • Lower-cost provider compared to other national brands
  • Online reservations with guaranteed pricing
  • Rental trailers, auto transport, and towing equipment are available
  • Moving boxes and supplies sold at rental counters

For the price-conscious consumer, Budget Truck Rental delivers smaller moving trucks and cargo vans at very competitive day and weekly rates. Even their giant trucks typically rent for less than competitors.

4. Ryder


Ryder is a commercial truck rental leader who rents to consumers needing trucks. They operate out of 90 service locations in Canada.

Key Features:

  • A broad selection of vans, trucks, semi-trucks
  • For consumers, trucks range from 14 ft to 24 ft
  • Specialized equipment like bucket trucks and pickup trucks
  • Rental trailers, auto transporters, flatbeds
  • Moving supplies, boxes, and tow bars are available
  • Focuses on commercial/industrial rentals

Ryder caters mainly to business customers, but pay attention to them for your personal truck rental needs. Their fleet is modern and well-equipped for challenging assignments.

5. Enterprise Truck Rental

Enterprise Truck Rental

Enterprise Rent-A-Car entered the truck rental space in the late 90s and now offers light- and medium-duty trucks from about 100 Canadian locations.

Key Features:

  • Convenient neighborhood locations, often near Enterprise car rental lots
  • Truck sizes range from 12 ft cargo vans to 26 ft trucks
  • Rental trailers, packing supplies, tow bars, and auto transporters
  • Free pickup for local rentals
  • Specialized trucks like bucket trucks and pickup trucks
  • Also, rent luxury cars, minivans, SUVs

Enterprise Truck Rental concentrates on the local rental market rather than cross-country moves. Their handy pickup and drop-off service make short-term rentals extremely convenient.

Tips for Renting a Truck in Canada

If you’re renting a moving truck or commercial truck in Canada for the first time, keep these tips in mind:

  • Reserve early – Summertime is peak season, so book trucks at least 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • Get guaranteed pricing with online reservations.
  • Make sure you have the right truck size and features for the load. Measure furniture and look up truck dimensions.
  • For long trips, test drive the truck around the block first. Get a feel for handling, blind spots, etc.
  • Purchase rental insurance – it’s inexpensive protection against damage.
  • Load the truck properly, with heavier items toward the front. Secure the load.
  • Allow extra time for loading, travel, and unloading. Rushing causes accidents.
  • Fill up on gas/diesel before dropping off the truck. Avoid pricey refueling fees.
  • Clean out the truck bed and cabin so you don’t incur additional cleaning charges.
  • Perform a walk-around inspection and note any prior damage before leaving the lot.

By choosing the right rental company and truck for your needs, driving safely, and taking precautions, your rental experience will go smoothly. The five companies above all offer quality trucks combined with the convenience of multiple locations. Compare shopping to find the best rates for your specific rental requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Rentals in Canada

Q: How far in advance should I reserve a rental truck in Canada?

A: Reserve at least 2-3 weeks ahead if renting during the busy summer moving season. At other times of the year, a 1-week advance notice may be sufficient for smaller trucks but reserve larger trucks further ahead when possible.

Q: Do truck rental companies install tow bars on trucks?

A: Most national brands can install tow bars and wiring harnesses for you to tow a vehicle behind the rental truck. When you pick up the car, notify them beforehand so they have the equipment ready.

Q: What are the largest truck sizes I can rent without a commercial driver’s license?

A: The giant rental trucks available to consumers have 26 ft length and can haul 15,000 to 16,000 lbs. To drive larger commercial trucks and semi trucks in Canada, you need a valid CDL.

Q: Can I take a rental truck from Canada into the United States?

A: Yes, one-way rentals between Canada and the U.S. are standard. Border crossings take some extra time for inspections. Inform the rental company of your complete travel plans.

Q: Is collision/damage waiver insurance worth getting from rental companies?

A: Rental truck companies charge around $15-25 daily for collision damage waivers. This insurance is generally a good idea to limit your financial liability in an accident. Your auto policy may not cover rental trucks.


Whether you are moving across town or the country, U-Haul, Penske, Budget, Ryder, and Enterprise are 5 of Canada’s most trusted, affordable, and widely available rental truck brands. Each offers online reservations, guaranteed pricing, a broad selection of trucks and equipment, and the convenience of multiple locations. Comparing companies on factors like pricing, reputation, and specific truck features needed will help you select the perfect rental provider for your upcoming move or hauling job.