5 Best Truck Rental Companies in Australia

5 Best Truck Rental Companies in Australia

Australia is a vast country with various terrains and long distances between destinations. For many Aussies, having a personal vehicle large enough to handle these expansive landscapes is not feasible. Thankfully, several excellent truck rental companies are ready to get you on the road.

Whether you need a truck for a big move, commercial purposes, or a weekend getaway, renting can be ideal. But with so many providers available, how do you determine which is best for your specific needs? We’ve researched and found the top five truck rental companies in Australia based on factors like fleet variety, pricing, service areas, and reputation.

1. Budget Truck Rentals

With over 60 locations across Australia, Budget Truck Rentals has one of the largest rental fleets in the country. They offer various options, from small vans to 26-foot trucks capable of handling up to 7.5 tons. Their diverse selection ensures you’ll find the right vehicle for any move or delivery job.

The budget’s pricing is also very reasonable, especially if you reserve early. They frequently run web-only discounts for 20% to 30% off rates. Their trucks are modern and maintained for safety and comfort. All rentals include unlimited kilometers, collision damage waiver, road service protection, and round-the-clock roadside assistance.

2. Hertz Truck Rental

World-renowned rental car company Hertz also offers a substantial range of quality trucks across Australia. In business since 1918, Hertz has a proven reputation and extensive experience in vehicle rentals. Their fleet includes everything from small commercial vans to heavy-duty 26-foot trucks.

Hertz Truck Rental locations can be found in all major cities and airports within Australia. Their pricing is competitive, and they often offer seasonal discounts. Rentals include collision damage waiver, theft protection, roadside assistance, and comprehensive insurance options. Clean, well-maintained vehicles and excellent customer service make them a wise choice.

3. Europcar Truck Rental

Europcar is another established international rental provider with a solid truck offering in Australia. They provide a modern fleet ranging from commercial vans to 26-foot trucks capable of carrying over seven tons. Convenient pickup and dropoff from all central airport locations make Europcar a trusted, reliable option nationwide.

Their all-inclusive pricing covers unlimited kilometers, damage waivers, maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance. Renters can also opt for added protections like supplementary liability insurance for extra peace of mind. Customer reviews consistently rank Europcar trucks as affordable, dependable, and easy to reserve.

4. Thrifty Truck Rental

With 70 convenient locations throughout Australia, Thrifty Truck Rental makes finding the vehicle you need easy. Their fleet ranges from cargo vans to 26-foot trucks with nearly 8 tons maximum capacity. Whether you’re moving across town or delivering heavy loads cross-country, Thrifty has a car to suit your requirements.

Thrifty offers stress-free rentals with no hidden fees. Their all-inclusive rates cover collision/loss damage waiver, property damage, liability insurance, and 24-hour roadside assistance. Additional protections like cargo, rental tire/windshield, and supplemental liability insurance are also available. Customer service aims to deliver every rental hassle-free and on budget.

5. Avis Truck Rental

Avis Truck Rental is the top five trusted worldwide for car rentals and now trucks. Avis vehicles range from 10-foot trucks perfect for shopping to 26-foot models with up to 7.5 tons. With over 300 locations across Australia, finding an Avis rental hub is quick and convenient.

Avis offers flexible rental terms from daily to multi-month long-term rentals. Their trucks come reliably maintained and include standard features like unlimited kilometers, accident insurance, 24-hour roadside assistance, and theft protection. Additional coverages can also be added as needed. Competitive pricing and consistent customer satisfaction make Avis a go-to for truck rentals.

Essential Factors When Choosing a Truck Rental Company

When deciding on the best truck rental company for your specific needs, keep these key factors in mind:

Fleet variety – Consider what size truck you require and ensure the provider has that option. Examine any weight, tonnage, or dimensional restrictions as well.

Pricing – Look for fair all-inclusive rates with no hidden fees. Ask about discounts, specials, and long-term pricing.

Service areas – Find companies with rental locations convenient to your pickup and dropoff points.

Reputation – Read customer reviews and research the provider’s track record with rentals.

Insurance/protections – Understand what is included versus optional regarding waivers, roadside assistance, and liability insurance.

Choosing the right truck rental company takes a bit of research. By knowing your rental requirements and comparing factors like those above, you can find the perfect fit for your transportation needs within Australia and beyond.


Exploring Australia by road is an epic adventure. Renting a quality truck allows you to traverse this expansive country comfortably and safely. Fortunately, Australia has several excellent truck rental companies to serve your needs.

Whether you need a van to move across town or a heavy-duty truck for interstate transport and delivery, you can find it from reputable providers like Budget, Hertz, Europcar, Thrifty, and Avis. Take time to research and compare your rental options. Understanding associated fees and insurance protections is also crucial. You’ll be set up for a unique Australian road trip by renting the right truck from a trusted company. Hit the open highway and make your cross-country dreams come true with the perfect rental truck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sizes of rental trucks are available in Australia?

A: Truck rentals in Australia range from small 10-foot vans to 26-foot trucks capable of hauling 7-8 tons. Standard options include 16-foot and 20-foot trucks perfect for moves.

Q: Do I need a particular driver’s license to operate a rental truck?

A: Most standard rental trucks up to 26 feet can be driven with a regular car license. Larger commercial vehicles may require heavy rigid approval or special training.

Q: What insurance is recommended when renting a truck?

A: Most rentals include basic accident coverage, but supplementary liability and damage protection are recommended. Review all policies carefully.

Q: Where can I find the best truck rental rates?

A: Booking in advance, avoiding peak times, and checking companies’ websites directly can garner the best discount rental rates. Signing up for loyalty programs can provide additional savings as well.

Q: Are rental trucks suitable for off-road driving in Australia?

A: Most rental trucks are designed for normal street usage and highways. Off-road driving is usually prohibited. Some companies may allow all-terrain vehicles for remote areas but verify beforehand.

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